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Do you know how many duplicates are there in your database?
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eGrabber DupChecker scans ACT!™ 2012 / 2011 / 2010 databases, groups all duplicates and offers to merge-purge them.

Duplicates are a common industry problem. As much as 30% of any customer database can consist of duplicates. Typical causes include data entry errors, merging of duplicates and improper importing of 3rd party leads.

Companies often spend valuable time and resources marketing or selling to the same contacts in their database. In addition to wasted resources, this can often result in customer dissatisfaction and the loss of potential sales.

ACT! users looking to eliminate duplicates in their database have limited and ineffective choices today. ACT! built-in duplicate checker is simplistic and only identifies two records as duplicates if there is a exact match in one of three specified fields.

As a result, other combinations of duplicates remain undetected and users have to manually analyze the entire database to search for duplicates and are restricted to merging 2 duplicates at time.

Key differentiating points of eGrabber DupChecker

eGrabber DupChecker is a tool that uses advanced fuzzy logic technology to quickly identify hard to find duplicates in your ACT! database. DupChecker automatically scans, identifies and groups duplicates for easy merging and de-duping. DupChecker's new feature, checks for duplicates even on user defined fields. Compare ACT!™ Merge Vs eGrabber™ Merge


Highly Accurate - Uses Fuzzy Logic Technology to identify hard to find duplicates
  • Exact match on any field
  • Alternate Spellings (Hiatt, Hyate, Hiat, Hiate)
  • Abbreviations (HP, Hewlett Packard) and lots more
Batched Merge - Preview and merge all duplicates in one click
Track Back - Maintains log of all merges in ACT! history
Two plus merging - Merges multiple matches into one record
Field Specific DupChecking - Finds duplicates in user defined fields and custom user fields

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Protect Company Credibility- Gain customer respect and build brand superiority by avoiding repeated messages or calls to customer and prospects
Maintains Data Integrity - Consolidate the duplicates owned by different sales representatives into one contact - combat the problem of repetitive data
Save Time - Now your sales team can call up more leads and save time that could go into calling up duplicate contacts

"How Good is Good Software when it works. How good does that software become when there are 3rd party add ons that really make it fly. After trialling many databases let me say that eGrabber for ACT! not only have the most amazing add ons but the people at eGrabber support their software like no other company I have ever used.

It's great to have such timely and warm support and service. These people it seems all have a combined mission.... to ensure that there software not only does what they say it will do, but does it hassle free and perfectly. You have to try it."

Michael Ratner Michael Ratner,
Owner, Compendium

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