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ResumeGrabber Suite
The Fastest Way to Import Resumes into Your Database

ResumeGrabber Suite mass imports resumes from Google search results, Outlook email, PC folders and more. The software uses powerful resume parsing technology to accurately extract resumes and candidate contact information contained in it. The captured resumes and contact info are then automatically transferred to respective fields in your database.

ResumeGrabber Suite also includes expert boolean strings to search the Internet for qualified resumes and to conduct background research on candidates.

Recruiters and staffing professionals use ResumeGrabber Suite to quickly build a database of qualified candidates for each of their search assignments. The software helps them to
  • Speed-up online candidate sourcing: Searches resumes on the Internet
  • Speed-up resume import: Extracts resumes and contact info into database
  • Speed-up candidate research: Gets background info from the Internet

Features and Highlights
1. Import resumes from almost ANY source

You can import resumes from the following sources:
Import resumes  from job boards and Google Import from search engine results - Use ResumeGrabber Suite to import resumes from search results on
  • Google, Bing and Yahoo
Import from Outlook Email / folder Import from Outlook e-mail/folder – If you receive resumes as e-mail in Outlook, you can use ResumeGrabber Suite to import just selected E-mails or an entire folder. The software intelligently looks to see if the resume is in the body or the attachment. If multiple resumes are attached to the email, it imports multiple resumes.
Import resumes PC folders Import from PC Folders – If you save resumes in folders on your PC, you can use ResumeGrabber Suite to import just selected resumes or an entire folder. The file can be anywhere on your PC, the only criteria is that the resume text should be in a format that can be copy-pasted.
Import resumes from Clipboard Import from Clipboard – This clip-board parsing feature can be used to import resumes you are currently reviewing. The resume can be anywhere or online, in a private database or a custom application. To import, you would just copy the resume into clipboard and let ResumeGrabber Suite intelligently import it into your database.
To extract resumes from social networking sites, popular job boards and other resumes portals, you will have to use the ResumeGrabber JobSuite.
2. Transfers resumes to popular resume databases/ATSs
Import Resume into Database You can import resumes into the following destination applications

ATS / CRM - Directly transfer the selected resumes to ACT!, Big Biller, PCRecruiter and more.

MS Outlook - Transfer contact information as well as resume as attachment to your Outlook address book.

MS EXCEL - Capture candidate information and quickly transfer the details to columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

CSV - Capture resume data and transfer them in CSV format.

HR XML - Enables you to export the resume data to an XML file. You can import data from the XML file to any database that supports XML format.

ATS with Parsers - ResumeGrabber Suite can be used to import resumes into any ATS that parses resumes into a folder or can import HR XML resumes.

ResumeGrabber has an option to convert any resume to a file and save it into a user specified folder. You can use the import function in your ATS to add resumes into this folder as records into your database.

ATSs that support the above schema include Taleo, Akken, Big Biller,, Arithon software and more...
ResumeGrabber Suite - Free Trial
Grab Unlimited Resumes for 10 days
Buy ResumeGrabber Suite software
3. Runs any resume search script that you may have saved
Search resume from search engines & job boards You can save your own search scripts and run them. ResumeGrabber Suite will execute your searches very well and find resumes from
  • Google and Bing
  • Social networking sites
  • Blogs and Internet Communities
  • ISPs, and more...
Simply enter your search criteria and click on the Find button.

You can also run the powerful search strings that are already built into ResumeGrabber Suite. The software will run 100s of search programs simultaneously and display links to matching resumes on the Internet.

Whether you are an expert or non-expert on Boolean search techniques, this feature will save you time. It speeds up the entire process of sourcing passive candidates on the Internet.
4. Other features to speed-up import

ResumeGrabber Suite includes features that enable you to quickly screen resumes before entering into the database.
Resume Screening Software Auto-Summarize - The Auto-summarize feature in ResumeGrabber Suite enables you to quickly view the summary of the selected resumes and eliminates the hassles of manual resume screening.
Employee Background Search Background research - ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to perform an Internet-aided background search that gets you valuable information on a candidate from various Internet sources.

Who uses ResumeGrabber Suite?

Sourcing specialists, Internet researchers, or any recruitment and staffing professional responsible for
  • Candidate sourcing
  • Candidate pipeline development
  • Building a resume database
A number of recruiting offices, hiring departments and talent sourcing teams have benefitted immensely using ResumeGrabber Suite.

ResumeGrabber Suite has expert boolean search strings that helps you to speed up online candidate sourcing and jumpstart your recruitment campaigns.

If you wish to super-charge your e-sourcing, call our sales specialists today at 866-299-7314 or click here to schedule a 10 minute demo on ResumeGrabber Suite.

ResumeGrabber Suite - Free Trial
Grab Unlimited Resumes for 10 days
Buy ResumeGrabber Suite software


Mike Reeves, President "The eGrabber software that we currently employ is a vital part of our business process and has significantly improved our ability to provide the best possible back office support to our team."
Mike Reeves, President
Management Recruiters of Elgin

"I found ResumeGrabber to be an amazing tool that multiplies my time! Now I have the ability to source, capture, and review properly targeted resumes faster than ever before. The technology allows for a level of automation that can be used to increase your work flow, maximize the efforts of a dedicated sourcer, or even eliminate the need for support staff. Within just a couple of days of using ResumeGrabber I was able to save more than 4 hours of sourcing time each week. " Angie Huser, Project Coordinator
Eric Randolph, Executive Director
United States Staffing Association

Lorena Stanley, Managing Partner "eGrabber has helped us fill 4X more positions for the amount of time spent."
Lorena Stanley, Managing Partner
WorldBridge Partners

"I had a huge problem with time management before using eGrabber tools. Now i am able to save a lot of time; The eGrabber software is always first on my list of tools that i use when gives a new project. The eGrabber software works seamlessly with PCRecruiter."
Ben Maxwell, Internet Researcher

Michelle Thompson, Founder & CEo "ResumeGrabber has paid for itself 10x in the first month we registered and continues to pay for itself every month."
Michelle Thompson, Founder & CEO,
The Employer's Employer

Pricing - Annual License
1 License    Only US$ 695 / year
2 License pack
(Includes 5% discount - Net $ 660.95 / user / year)
US$ 1390.00
Only US$ 1,321 / year
5 License pack
(Includes 10% discount - Net $ 625.95 / user / year)
US$ 3475.00
Only US$ 3,128 / year
ResumeGrabber Suite - Free Trial
Buy ResumeGrabber Suite software
Volume pricing: Call 1-866-299-7314 or email .
Pricing - Monthly License
1 License    Only US $69.95 / Month
(12 Months Minimum)
- This is a 12-month minimal contract at $69.95 per month.
- By purchasing the product you are agreeing to the following terms:
  1. You agree, from next month onwards, your credit card will be automatically charged $69.95 every month on the date of original purchase. The billing information provided by you for this purchase will be used for credit card billing purposes.

  2. You agree, that you cannot cancel your monthly renewal license(s) for the first 12 months from the date of this purchase.

  3. To cancel your monthly auto-renewal license(s) after the 12-month period, you will send an email to requesting cancellation along with the license key number(s), at least 7 days before your next monthly billing starts.
ResumeGrabber Suite - Free Trial
Buy ResumeGrabber Suite software
Pricing - 30-day Project License
1 License    Only US $245.00 for 30 days
30-day Project License
This license is valid for 30 calendar days from the date of registering the software.

You can upgrade to an annual license during the validity of the 30-day license period and get a $125 partial credit for your annual license purchase. You pay only $570 to extend the software for another 11 calendar months.

You will have to pay the full $695, if you decide to purchase an annual license after the 30-day license period expires.

Call 1-866-299-7314 or email to for upgrade.
ResumeGrabber Suite - Free Trial
Buy ResumeGrabber Suite software

*eGrabber develops customized drivers that allow you to extract resumes from specific job boards. Email to for more information and pricing.

eGrabber License Agreement.

Case Study
How an NPA office built a 20K Candidate database of
Antenna professionals and keeps it updated.
How a firm specializing in niche placements increased sendouts by 200% and reduced client waiting time by 50%
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