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ResumeGrabber Suite - Parse Resume From Any Source
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Parse resumes from almost ANY source

ResumeGrabber Suite uses the world’s most accurate resume parsing technology that enables you to parse resumes from search engine results, Outlook E-mail and PC folders to build a targeted candidate database.

When recruiters use search engines to source targeted resumes, they always tend to run into thousands of irrelevant search results that are just not resumes. ResumeGrabber Suite helps you to accurately detect and extracts valid resumes from thousands of those searches and intelligently parse information such as Name, Title, company, Email address, phone number in a structured format.

Here are some of the popular sources where you can use ResumeGrabber Suite to seamlessly extract resumes from:
  • Google / Bing search results
  • Profiles/ resumes on blogs and Internet communities
  • Google Desktop, Outlook E-mail and folders
  • PC folders / resume files on your computer
This Resume parsing software will help recruiters jumpstart their recruitment campaign by getting a ready-to-use list. This tool also allows transferring parsed candidate information along with their resume into an Excel/CSV or ATS such as PCRecruiter.

The advanced version - ResumeGrabber JobSuite - incorporates eGrabber's patented parsing technology to accurately extract resumes and candidate contact information from Job boards, Professional / social networking sites as well. It also finds the missing contact information like email ids and phone number in a click.

Note: The resume parser inbuilt in ResumeGrabber Suite is not designed to extract resumes that are hidden or behind links. We develop special macros that integrate with the tool's resume parser and allow you to extract resumes from hyperlinks.

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