The fastest way to capture contact information from Email signatures, outlook, ACT! and more...

If you are looking for an effective way to automatically capture contact information from e-mail signatures, Outlook, web pages, online directories or documents, AddressGrabber is the answer.AddressGrabber uses its patented contact capture technology to identify contact details such as First Name, Last Name, Company, Address, City , State, Zip, Phone, Fax, e-mail address, web site and transfers them into your contact database with a single click! No more copying and pasting every field of contact information into your database.Check why AddressGrabber has been the favorite contact capture software of people around the USA and other countries who run small businesses or are in sales:

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User Comments

AddressGrabber is very effective, efficient and easy to use. I use it to completely automate my lead data-entry tasks.

Marlene Soligo Bruce President at Vendor link Inc.

I think it cut my data entry time in half, at least, and it continues to save me time every day as I acquire and enter new contacts.

Jason Wilber Musician and Recording Artist

AddressGrabber is a great time-saving device, priced comfortably, and easy to use. I strongly recommend this tool to all ACT! users

Anne Chilcott Director of Operations, Gardensoft

With AddressGrabber, we have reduced the time of data input to seconds instead of minutes per correspondence or sale.

T. Scott Abboud CEO, Allied Financial Software, Inc.

We must have saved hundreds, if not thousands of pounds in better productivity by utilizing AddressGrabber.

John Fleming Inemea, IT sales & marketing company

AddressGrabber is one amongst the most useful programs I own. This program is ingenious.

Keith Schare Owner of Schare & Associates, Inc.

Features and Benefits

  • Saves time in contact capture
    AddressGrabber saves hours of manual address data-entry. You no longer have to copy and paste contact information field by field in your contact database. All you need to do is highlight the contact and with one mouse click, contact details are automatically populated into the appropriate fields in your contact database.
  • Highly Accurate
    AddressGrabber customers are always impressed with its high accuracy. AddressGrabber's technology is patented and uses many unique methods to identify names and address and import them into your contact database. Over the past twelve years, AddressGrabber has consistently maintained its Industry leadership in accuracy.
  • We understand many databases
    AddressGrabber works with native support for best selling contact management/ database software used by small businesses and individuals. We support MS-Outlook, ACT! and more...
  • Detects Duplicates
    AddressGrabber has an inbuilt de-dupe functionality that alerts you when you try to transfer a contact that already exists in your database. This helps you maintain a clean and duplicate-free database.
  • Free E-mail / Phone Support*
    You are important to us? eGrabber promises free e-mail and phone support to AddressGrabber customers. We can be reached by phone 408-872-3103 or through our Online Support Center.

    We also support our international customers in Europe, Asia and Australia. You don't need to call us. Email us your number and we will call you during your convenient day hours for free.
  • Industry Leader for 13 Years running!
    AddressGrabber is a product of eGrabber based in Silicon Valley, California. eGrabber has been serving more than one million businesses since 1997.


"AddressGrabber saves me a lot of time. I used to cut and paste each phone number, name, address, etc. and separately and paste into the ACT! fields. This product saves me so much time. It was definitely worth the purchase price"

Rebecca Lee
Explorador Captial Management, LLC.

"Just wanted you to know that I am a very happy customer, your product saves and MAKES me tens of thousands of dollars every year. Keep up the good work."

Steve Marchessault.

"I Love AddressGrabber! The major benefit of AddressGrabber is the fact that you can transfer the information from anywhere (Internet or software programs) and don't have to retype the information saving precious time."

Bonnie Phillips
ShowSpan, Inc.

"AddressGrabber has cut hours from my prospecting schedule and improved the accuracy of information captured. There are no mistakes in copying phone numbers or addresses when I use AddressGrabber. Basically, I'm an advocate of AddressGrabber and recommend it all the time."

Dale Collie
ourage Builders.


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