Amazon Seller List USA

Amazon Seller Contact Finder & Research Tool

This software tool gives you Contact Information of Amazon Sellers, like:

  • Contact Name of CXO's

  • Their LinkedIn Profile

  • Their Business Website

  • Verified Business Email Address

  • Business Phone Number

  • 25+ custom Amazon Fields like FBA, Reviews, etc

  • By default, each Amazon seller lead includes at least one email & phone number.

    Amazon seller contact list

How it Works?

You can paste or import any of the following in the tool:

  • Amazon Seller IDs

  • Amazon Seller Names

  • Amazon Store Link - which has a listing of products

The tool uses its in-built algorithms to research the Internet, and extract + verify Contact information of Amazon Sellers.

The tool exports all this data in Excel / CSV format so that you can directly use it for email or phone campaigns, or import it into your CRM, advertising or prospecting software.

The software Researches your Amazon-Seller List in just HOURS, using this 7-Step Process

Our tool beats any manual researcher in speed and accuracy. We've been building automated research tools for many years now, this is just our latest tool. The tool uses the following automated 7-Step process to Research the Amazon-Seller information.

1. Extract AMZ IDs

You need the AMZ ID for your CRM and other internal records. The tool extracts the AMZ ID and starts building a CSV export file for you. 25+ Amazon-Specific fields are copy-pasted by this tool into the CSV file.

2. Extract AMZ Seller Pages

Seller pages contain important information like Reviews, Ratings, FBA, etc. Manually finding these seller pages, validation and extraction is a laborious process. This step is completely autoamted with our tool. We have domain extertise in information extraction for the last 20 years.

3. Search for Seller Websites & Extract contact Info & Management

The tool opens the Sellers website and quickly scans the website for important contact information and management names. In the many pages of the website, the tool intelligently decides which pages contain management and only inspects those. It does not waste time scanning 90% of the pages which don't have valuable information.

4. Search other sites for Management

Not all sellers put their management information on their website. However this information can be researched and automatically extracted from Web-Domain registrars, Financial statements, Press Releases, Blogs, Tweets, etc. The tool automatically does all this research and extraction. No other scraping technology or proxying technology is required on your side, the tool self-handles all the technical details.

5. Search LinkedIn for Management

The tool searches LinkedIn to find CXO profiles of those Sellers. It intelligently filters similar companies and names, and removes job titles which are irrelevant, to find the people that matter. We have many years of expertise in making accurate LinkedIn research tools and all that comes to you in one package.

6. Find email & phone of Management

Business email and phone numbers are researched from the Internet, or from the previous pages that have been inspected already. We have a 6-step patented process of finding very accurate business email addresses. You will get either the direct business email address of the CXO, or the business email address of the company. We will also provide Co-worker's email addresses which were also found, so that you have multiple ways of pitching to the company.

7. Verify All email Deliverability

All business email addresses are verified with the corporate web server of the amazon seller to make sure your email gets delivered when you send it. We partner with the best email verification infrastructure that the world has to offer to give you email addresses which are verified seconds before they are given to you (and not taken from a database)

All the research from the above steps are stitched together to create one large CSV file with all the information you need. Each row of the CSV file is fully filled out as much as possible with the information extracted in the 7-Step process.

Best Suited for Amazon-Seller Service Providers

Our research tool is best suited, if you provide products or services to Amazon Sellers. Works great if you are targeting sellers in different product categories. Works even better if you are experimenting with different categories to find out which category of sellers works for you.

Our tool needs zero expertise to operate. But it needs you to give it an input to begin.

What does each Amazon Seller Lead include?

  • Each Amazon seller lead will include the following, if available, Seller Name / LinkedIn ID / website / Additional email / seller contact number.

    Amazon Seller Company List

Our Contact Finder tool is Built and Tested over many Years!

eGrabber has several web & lead research techniques that received US Patents. See list below :

  1. US Patent # 7,822,732 - Issued Oct 26, 2010
    Method and system to enable searching for lead & contact information on the web.

  2. US Patent # 8,495,151 - Issued Jul 23, 2013
    Methods and systems for determining Business email addresses with name & company.

  3. See All eGrabber Patents
    Patents granted to eGrabber by United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO).

To order eGrabber products, contact ourSales at (408) 516-4566 or e-mail

Frequently Asked Questions?

Are these opt-in leads?


These leads are from web research. You should treat all contact info as those coming from your company hiring a web researcher. They are not Opt-in leads. By signing up to get the tool, you are essentially using eGrabber's tool to be your web researcher.

What happens if an email bounces?

If an email you paid gets a hard bounce; eGrabber will replace each hard bounce with 2 leads at free of cost.

Note – eGrabber ensures all emails when given are good at the time we built the lists. Many times, servers change or go out of order resulting in hard bounces. eGrabber goal is to make sure you get the quantity of leads you paid for.

Many times, eGrabber will provide multiple emails for the same prospect for free. Generally these will be emails we found on the prospect’s website. These will not be considered as paid for emails and may not be eligible for 2x refund.