WHY, and HOW to Find Email Addresses

WHY, and HOW to Find Email Addresses

In a webinar I completed with Josh Turner of Linked University yesterday, we discussed the need for finding email address of prospects you found on your favorite social network.

Currently, when you want to initiate conversation with your target prospect, you need to send a connection request through your social network. If you are like Josh, me, and most other sales people, you’d wonder if the bulk of your connection requests have gone into a
black hole? You sent that request a month ago, and still no response?

But think of it from the other side: if you are the decision maker who is receiving the connection request from a sales person, WHY would you answer that connection request? You KNOW you are going to be sold!

how to find decision maker email address

To get in front of decision makers, you require their business email address.

You can increase your chances of a conversation with a connection request, but you NEED a business email address.

You can get that business email address from Jigsaw at $1 a piece, or you can source the email address from the Internet for free. Yes, FREE!

There are techniques of finding email addresses from the Internet, but that’s a topic for a complete whitepaper.

For now, here’s a One-Click method of finding anyone’s business email address using eGrabber’s Account Researcher:

  1. Enter the Name and Company of your Prospect
  2. Click the “Find Missing” button
  3. BINGO! Email address to use.

Works for any contact in any company on the Internet.

how to find email addresses

If you like the tool, here’s how you can get yourself a copy:

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eGrabber Lead-Researcher
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