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Why Pay for Bad Leads When you can Generate Highly Targeted B2B Sales Leads 20x faster

Why Pay for Bad Leads When you can Generate Highly Targeted B2B Sales Leads 20x faster

All companies, big and small, have one thing in common to say about leads – that the leads are bad. Many companies can’t afford to spend time on lead generation and therefore opt to buy lists.

But the question is, though it is one of the easiest ways to acquire a prospect list, is that investment worth it? You spend thousands of dollars on a list believing you can improve your ROI by 10/20/30x in a very short time. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Why?

The reasons are:

  • The data is unreliable & outdated –  List vendors usually store data over a period of time. Therefore chances are that they might be very old data, not updated for a while, incomplete or even obsolete. A Hubspot study says that marketing databases degrade about 22.5% every year. So if your marketing data is not reliable, updated and accurate, all your marketing efforts & campaigns would turn into a disaster.
  • Lists from vendors are highly expensive – Some of the popular online database companies charge you exorbitantly. Moreover, you pay and receive the list what your vendor provides and therefore you don’t have the liberty to choose the leads. If you are going after niche markets, the chances are that only a handful leads will be useful. So whatever money that you spent on other leads goes in vain.
  • You lose your competitive edge – Your list vendor sells the same list to your competitor as well and many more companies like you as well.

So all you get is a list of suspects that is often incomplete, inaccurate, unreliable and not exclusive.

If you don’t have a B2B prospect list with complete business contact information, how would you reach them and what difference will it make even if you have the world’s best product or service. This is where a B2B lead generation tool such as LeadGrabber Pro can make a huge difference.

LeadGrabber Pro Helps You Generate Highly Targeted B2B Sales Leads 20x faster!

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to:

  • Generate fresh B2B sales leads – From online directories, social and professional networking sites.
  • Find business email addresses of the prospects and their co-workers as well – Also helps you to intelligently project email addresses.
  • Find C-Level executives/decision makers along with their contact information.
  • Eliminate duplicates.
  • Transfer leads to any popular database with a click.
  • Generate B2B sales leads cost-effectively.

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How to Generate Sales Leads in Healthcare industry for Free?

How to Generate Sales Leads in Healthcare industry for Free?

Healthcare is a trillion-dollar industry with more than 780,000 companies and 16.8 million employees in the US alone. Generating sales leads in this huge industry with various subgroups such as Pharmaceuticals, Hospital & Healthcare and Medical Devices is not an easy task.

You have to spend a lot of time looking for prospects from various sources and at the same time, you got to be very specific in your search to get the desired results.

When you hear the word ‘search,’ you would instantly think of Google. Yes, that’s true. But in addition to Google, you can also leverage other popular search engines such as and to search for prospects.

In this blog post, you will learn how you can generate sales leads by leveraging the top search engines and professional networking sites for free.

Here we go!

How to search product manager profiles from AOL

Let us see how we can search for product manager profiles from pharmaceuticals industry in San Francisco Bay Area using AOL.

The search syntax is:

“<Industry>” “<Job Title>” “<Location>” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

The search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “product manager” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals Product manager Leads

Job titles can be tricky. You may not have the same job titles across all companies. So you got to identify similar job titles to search prospects.

For example, ‘marketing manager’ – ‘chief marketing officer’

Some companies might have either one of the above or both. To ensure that you don’t miss out your targeted prospects, you can try searching both.

If you are searching for marketing manager profiles, the search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “marketing manager” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Healthcare Pharmaceuticals marketing manager Leads

If you are searching for chief marketing officer profiles, the search script is:

“pharmaceuticals” “chief marketing officer” “San Francisco Bay Area” (“” OR “”) -‘pub/dir’

Similarly, you can replace the industry and location to get the results based on your requirements.

If you are looking for doctors in hospitals, you cannot expect the titles to be the same across all hospitals as well. Some hospitals might have Chief of Radiology, some might have Section Chief – Radiology or Oncology or Hospital Section Chief or Hospital Section Administrators and so on. So you got to be careful in identifying and searching for profiles.

How to search profiles via LinkedIn People Search

Another way to generate sales leads is through LinkedIn People Search. It provides a lot of filters to narrow down your search results. We will see how we can make the most of it.

All you need to do is, log into your LinkedIn account.

Search for people, click All Filters and enter the search criteria as shown in the image given below.

generate healthcare sales leadsClick Apply.

The results are displayed with a click of a button.

generate healthcare sales leads list

How to search LinkedIn Groups through Google

LinkedIn Groups is one huge source where you can find targeted prospects. But some of the challenges are, you need to join the respective groups to view its members and then look for ways to reach your prospects. Another limitation is that you cannot join more than 50 groups in LinkedIn, and most of the groups are restricted and doesn’t allow everyone to join.

But the following search script will help you to search LinkedIn Groups through Google.

You can search for prospects from LinkedIn groups through Google even if you are not a member of that group.

For example, if you want to search prospects from the group Healthcare Executives Network, the search syntax is:

“”<LinkedIn Group Name>” ” “See who you know in common” “<Job Title>” “Location * <Exact Location>”

“”Healthcare Executives Network” ” “See who you know in common” “product manager” “Location * San Francisco Bay Area”

Search results for Helathcare Executives

Similarly, if you want to search prospects from the group Medical Device Guru, the search script is:

“Medical Device Guru” “See who you know in common” “Location * San Francisco Bay Area”

How to search Twitter for Product Manager profiles

Twitter is also one of the sources to look for prospects.

The following search script will help you to search product manager profiles from San Francisco Bay Area. –inurl: (search|favorites|status|statuses|jobs) -intitle: (job|jobs) -recruiter -HR -careers “product manager” “san francisco bay area”

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B lead generation software that enables you to generate sales leads from healthcare industry (or any other industry). You don’t have to spend countless hours on the Internet to manually search for prospects or generate sales leads. The B2B lead generation tool enables you to find targeted sales leads, append verified business email addresses and phone numbers, and build your own targeted prospect list that no one has.

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Flyn shares a simple trick to improve sales conversions

Flyn shares a simple trick to improve sales conversions

Nishi Kanth

Nishi Kanth

Product Marketing Manager and Prospecting Expert at eGrabber Inc
I am an expert in social lead generation and social media prospecting. I use and market tools and can help sales and marketing professionals in targeted prospecting for improved responses and conversions.
Nishi Kanth

Flyn’s Technique on LinkedIn® Saved Search + eGrabber’s Account-Researcher

A Killer Combination for Improved Sales Conversions

In a recent interview with eGrabber social selling academy, Flyn Penoyer has spoken about how over the so many years he has trained thousands of sales professionals about cold calling, lead generation and prospecting techniques. His techniques have always resulted in a triple digital growth in just a few weeks (285% in 3 weeks is the latest number for record). He now shares with us on how a simple thing like LinkedIn saved search can help you in improved sales conversions.

LinkedIn® indisputably is the one of the largest databank of C level decision makers and an ideal environment for B2B prospecting. It lets you search for your target prospects based on a multitude of search criteria such as title, industry, company size and other demographics. Sales professionals today have the flexibility of using several combinations of their search and build multiple sets / categories of prospect lists.

While this is a good feature, what makes it better is when you use the saved search feature. The Saved Search Feature in LinkedIn® sends matching profiles to your email inbox on a periodic basis. It’s like having lead-gen on automatic!

Look at the simple 3 step illustration below and you will know what we mean.

Step-1: Search for your target prospects

Let us try and search for “Lead Generation Director”. Select your preferences based on title, location and other demographics.

how to generate leads everyday with linkedin


Step-2: Click Save search of your results page

LinkedIn® will display the results based on search criteria. Click on Save search in the top right of your results page. You will find it next to the settings icon.

how to generate leads everyday with linkedin

Step-3: Provide necessary input and save the search result

Give a name to your search. Set your preferences on how often you would like to receive email alerts pertaining to this search and save the search. Now the search is saved with the given name and LinkedIn® starts sending people’s profiles matching that search criteria to your mailbox.

how to generate leads everyday with linkedin

Start prospecting using eGrabber’s Account-Researcher

As soon as you receive search peoples profiles in your mailbox, use Account-Researcher tool and capture their business email address and phone number. Start reaching your decision makers on their business email and phone and kick start your business with them.

LinkedIn Prospecting Tool
Follow this simple method and improve your sales conversions. Happy Selling!!

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4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects

4 New Ideas for Pursuing Sales Prospects

Nishi Kanth

Nishi Kanth

Product Marketing Manager and Prospecting Expert at eGrabber Inc
I am an expert in social lead generation and social media prospecting. I use and market tools and can help sales and marketing professionals in targeted prospecting for improved responses and conversions.
Nishi Kanth

Prospects Going Silent? – Re-Engage Them

Sales professionals spend over 40% of their productive time in following with their prospects. While the most popular media have been email and phone call, our experience shows that the hit rate is not as big as it should ideally be.

So are there any new ideas out there?

That’s when we bumped into Tim Wackel. Tim is an expert sales coach with a history of leading sales teams, big and small, to great success.  Tim’s approach to the follow-up problem was creative, practical and downright effective. Tim shared his tried-and-tested formula in a Webinar hosted by eGrabber. Here are a few takeaways:

1. Use Lumpy Mail

Tim suggests that you use innovative media to follow up with prospects. Apart from the traditional email and phone call, you should consider using media such as post cards, hand written letters, gifts, freebies etc that actually grab the prospects attention. And they are easy to do… online.

He delivered specific, first-hand examples of how these systems work on the webinar.

2. Plan a follow up calendar and execute well

What if your prospect is going to buy in that next phone call? …How do you know?

You don’t. So, Tim recommends a follow up calendar to continuously engage with your prospects. He talks about the frequency, media and the message to be included. By following this calendar, sales professionals ensure that their prospects never go dormant.

Tim took a dive into how this calendar was made and how it was best put to use, in the webinar.

3. Breaking up…  in a professional way

Tim tells you why it’s necessary to break up with your prospect… yes, you heard me, break up with your prospect.

And he also tells you how to do it… without slamming the door shut… just in case they come back to you!

The webinar also dwells on how you can rephrase their statements to reengage their prospects who normally do not respond to the traditional follow up content. Here’s just one example.

4. Start with targeted lists

When you have so little time, why prospect people who will never buy? – Fix the problem before it even begins. Start with a very highly targeted list.

Clinton Rozario from eGrabber showed how it is easy to build a list of your Glen Garry leads using social networks and online profiles. He showed an automated tool which builds your list, once you identify your list of profiles.

To Watch the Webinar Recording – Click Here

To Know More about our targeted list building tool – Click Here

To Ask our Expert for a Demo – Click Here

How to feed your sales engine with qualified B2B sales leads?

How to feed your sales engine with qualified B2B sales leads?

Feeding your sales engine with a steady flow of qualified B2B sales leads is one of the vital ingredients of success. But how?

Let us first look at some of the effective B2B lead generation methods that are widely used by B2B marketers – Inside sales, Telemarketing, Email marketing, Tradeshows, Conferences, Webinars, Websites, Search marketing, Social media.

Do you really need to employ all of the above methods for your business or is there a B2B lead generation formula that works like magic? The answer is a big NO. The fact is there is no “one size fits all” solution. You got to experiment and figure out what works best for your business.

Once you set the things right doesn’t mean that you can go on with it for life. What works for you today might not work after a year. So you got to continuously experiment on various things to stay afloat and move forward which eventually takes a lot of your time and resources. This is where a B2B lead generation software such as LeadGrabber can be handy.

LeadGrabber helps you to generate qualified sales leads from the Internet in no time. It helps you build fresh B2B sales leads lists along with contact information such as name, job title, company, email, phone number, address, website, etc. based on the industry, domain, location, etc.

LeadGrabber helps you feed your sales engine with qualified B2B sales leads. It also helps you to append missing email addresses and phone numbers of your contacts and find decision makers in a company.

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