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How to Maximize B2B Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting & Your Sales!

How to Maximize B2B Lead Generation, Sales Prospecting & Your Sales!

Jeff Sheehan founded Sheehan Marketing Strategies to assist the growth and marketing success of companies based on years of assisting the largest companies in  high-tech and other areas increase their revenues by 100′s of millions of dollars over decades of achievement on both a supplier and consulting basis.

If you are a sales and marketing pro who uses LinkedIn to grow your business this webinar will be an hour well spent. Not only will you gain a further understanding of how to effectively use LinkedIn for social selling, you will be introduced to a tool that will help you take your activities on LinkedIn to the next level.

Jeff Sheehan of Sheehan Marketing,once responsible for over $200 Million in B2B sales, for a complimentary webinar on how to use LinkedIn more effectively and the Account-Researcher tool to increase your sales.

Watch this recording we show you how to :

  1. MAXIMIZE LinkedIn for B2B sales.
  2. GRAB any Social Profile & Append E-Mail/Phone.
  3. FIND Decision Maker’s Names, e-mails and phone numbers in any Company.
  4. GET Insightful Prospect Information, Conversation starters.
  5. CAPTURE more sales.

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