6 Easy Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address

6 Easy Ways to Find Anyone’s Email Address

Have you given up on other ways to reach your target prospect and landed up on cold emailing finally? If you are trying to find email address manually, do not make wild guesses on finding email patterns on your own. Instead, try these effective yet easy ways to find the email address of someone from the Internet.

When it comes to finding the email address of someone, social media is the first place that we go to, isn’t it? Let’s see how we can find email addresses on various social media platforms


When you search for a person’s name on the Internet, you will surely find the twitter account in one of the search links. This simple search will help you to find the twitter username quickly.

Now, go to advanced options on twitter to find out the email address of that person within seconds.

Here’s how I tried and found the email address of our CEO here at eGrabber.

I typed the word email into the first filter as shown below:

Then I entered the username that I found earlier into the Account field as shown below:

You will find all the tweets of the account owner’s username that you have entered.

Here we go! I have found his email address from one of his tweets.

P.S. You can also enter this query email (from:”username”) directly into the search bar and find out the results.


LinkedIn is one of the best places to find your targeted prospects. You can find prospects based on industry, title, location, experience, company size and so on. Sometimes you might get their email address from LinkedIn profile but most of the times you are only left with just your prospect name & company name. This prevents you from reaching your top prospects immediately.

You can send connection requests to your prospects and wait for them to accept your invitation. However, this may not happen immediately. It might take days, weeks or even months. So, the question is how to find someone’s email on LinkedIn.

To learn more read these 3 Steps to get anyone’s email address from their LinkedIn profile.


If you are trying to find email address of small businesses or bloggers, then Facebook is the right place you can bump into. Visit the Facebook page of your prospect. In the About tab -> contact info, you will be able to find the email address.

You will most likely find company email addresses such as [email protected] or [email protected] which might not help you in a personalized email outreach.


Instagram is a good place if you are trying to find email address of a person who is into small business. It is usually easy to find the email addresses on instagram, when viewed from your mobile. Click the email button on the profile right below the description/bio – you will find it right there.

You can also find email addresses in the comments, in the caption of an image or in the link to a website. You will have to spend some time and search manually in order to get the email address.

Press release

Every website has a news & press releases section in which the company makes  official statements or announcements about their business. Open their recent press release and scroll down to the source or press contacts section. You can find the contact email address and business phone numbers there.

If you did not find the email address of your targeted prospect but someone else from the company, then you can simply reach out to that person. Ask for an introduction with your targeted prospect or request to pass on your email message to the person you are looking for.

WHOIS domain lookup

WhoIs lookup identifies the administrator contact information, billing contact and the technical contact for each domain name listing or IP in the WhoIs database.

I did a domain lookup in the whois domain tools site. I was able to find an alternate email address of our CEO here at eGrabber along with the business phone number from the tech contact section.

These are the easy ways that I have followed to find the email address of almost anyone manually. Do let me know in the comments section about the other ways that you follow to find anyone’s email address.

Note: Follow cold email rules and guidelines and use these quick and easy methods responsibily

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