How to get email address of anybody in any company | Account-Researcher Demo Video

How to get email address of anybody in any company | Account-Researcher Demo Video

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Most Account Executives start prospecting with just name and company of their prospects. From there, they need to manually source email addresses and phone numbers to make that first conversation.

Most pre-made databases which provide email addresses and phone numbers have one common flaw… If they do not have the email and phone, they do not have an answer to your query. Period.

But what if this was not true…???!!! What if you could gain access to anybody's email address?

We dreamed of getting access to everybody's email address and phone number, just like you… and we created a software tool to do just that. Enter a name and the company of Any prospect, and the Account-Researcher software tool can find their email address and phone number!

Sounds hard to believe? Well, then try it for yourself.. here's a 7 day, fully functional trial of the software. Download.

We made it so easy to use… but in case you need help to set it up and try it, call us on 866-299-7314


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Clinton Rozario

Clinton Rozario

Product Manager at eGrabber
Clinton Rozario is a B2B List Building technology expert and architected LeadGrabber Pro, the B2B List Building Tool from eGrabber. Clinton joined eGrabber in 2003. He held key roles in R&D, developing strategic and proprietary technologies. He is now responsible for development of eGrabber's List Building and List Completion Tool Suite. He is also available on Google+ and LinkedIn.
Clinton Rozario

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