Press Release - Dated February 14, 2002

Complete eMarketing Solution From eGrabber To Process Web Form Data

San Jose, CA, February 14, 2002 - eGrabber, a Silicon Valley-based developer of eMarketing solutions, today announced the launch of Web Response Grabber Standard v2.0. Web Response Grabber Standard enables businesses to quickly process email surveys and email from web forms into contact managers / spreadsheet software for prompt follow-up.

Web Response Grabber Standard automates downloading email and processing information in email directly into contact manager / spreadsheet software. This complete hands-off operation helps businesses deal with their prospects while they are hot and reduce their sales cycle.

Web Response Grabber Standard effects huge cost savings to businesses by eliminating the need of hiring programmers to integrate their web site with contact managers.

"Web Response Grabber Standard is a cost-effective solution to integrate your web site with your database" says Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber, Inc. "Point and click to setup the software to process hundreds of email from web form to destination applications like ACT!, GoldMine, Excel and CSV/Tab-delimited file."

Web Response Grabber Standard features a business email client with a template creator for automated processing and a user-friendly toolbar for manually processing email in popular email software like MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Eudora, Netscape, GoldMine Email Center.

"Cost effective, easy enough for any administrator to use once set up" Chris Robinson, eMarketing Manager, Futuremedia Plc.

For additional information, visit eMail-LeadGrabber [Formerly Web Response Grabber] Webpages.

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