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AddressGrabber Automates entering Contact Details From Email and Web into ACT!

Saratoga, CA, August 20, 2002 - eGrabber Inc., a leading Silicon Valley-based developer of eMarketing solutions, today announced that their latest version of AddressGrabber v3.2 now includes support for ACT! v6.0.

AddressGrabber eases the process of extracting names and addresses from email signatures, web forms/pages, word processors… and transfers them into ACT! AddressGrabber intelligently figures out all fields like Name, Salutation, Title, Company, Address, Phone, Mobile Number, Pager Number, E-mail, and Website… and enters them as a new contact in ACT!.

Now ACT! v6.0 users can ensure accurate transfer of customer information and facilitate effective customer management.

"AddressGrabber really is a huge time-saver! I have been using AddressGrabber almost everyday for about a year now. I just highlight a person's contact information from an email, click a few buttons, and I get new record in ACT! filled out instantly" says Beth Nagengast, vice president of ACT! product marketing.

"AddressGrabber automates the process of entering names & addresses into ACT! v6.0" says Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber Inc. "A single click does the job, allowing you more time on other important activities."

Prices of AddressGrabber start from $69.95. Orders are taken online or by phone at 408-872-3103 between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST. For additional information, visit

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eGrabber is the leading developer of data-entry automation software to process leads and resumes, for companies that are mid-sized to sole proprietorships. Our solutions increase daily productivity of more than half a million sales, recruiting, office administration and other customer-data handling professionals. Our tools are quickly and easily configurable by the user to help process their leads and resumes from web, email or any other source into their existing contact manager, office application or web portal.

eGrabber has received U.S. Patents for our pioneering automatic data-extraction and data-transfer technology. Our solutions include AddressGrabber, Web Response Grabber, ListGrabber and ResumeGrabber. eGrabber, founded in 1996, is head quartered in Saratoga, CA. To learn more go to or call 408-872-3103.