Press Release - Dated March 26, 2004

AddressGrabber now integrated with Microsoft CRM, Flaxman Software uses eGrabber's free Software Development Kit (SDK) to make Microsoft CRM "Address-parse-enabled"

Saratoga and Los Gatos, CA, March 26, 2004 - As part of eGrabber's SDK initiative to extend its address parsing technology to all software applications, eGrabber and Flaxman Software announced the integration of AddressGrabber with Microsoft (MS) CRM. Users of MS CRM can now use AddressGrabber to automatically process and enter contacts and addresses into their database or contact list.

MS CRM leads the way for all applications currently not address-parse-enabled. As pioneers of this software integration, Flaxman Software not only demonstrates the ease of this amalgamation but also displays the value eGrabber can add to an application free of charge.

Historically, parsers are only available at either high licensing costs or at high volume commitments. eGrabber levels the playing fields for all developers by launching the SDK. Application developers working on various backend systems (Access Databases, FileMaker Pro, etc.) can develop using any of their favorite development languages and environments.

"eGrabber's goal is to provide an accurate parsing technology to all developers at no cost" explained Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber, "We want everyone to benefit from using our engine, to automatically create records and contacts. This is our major step in helping all our fellow software companies derive a competitive edge."

"Our users love this new feature, they can now add new records into MS CRM with just one click." says Victor Eydus, President, Flaxman Software, Inc. "The SDK was easy to use; we integrated it in 1 day. With no huge licensing costs for a sophisticated technology like this, it definitely gives us a competitive edge for our services."

About Flaxman Software

Flaxman Software, Inc., a Microsoft Certified partner, provides a complete set of services to have your CRM application up and running fast and painless. Flaxman Software installs Microsoft CRM, integrates it with enterprise back-end systems, adds custom features, moves data from your current contact management application, and trains the users.

About Microsoft Customer Relationship Management (CRM) application

Microsoft CRM combines sales automation and customer service modules. You can work as a team, using the web browser or Microsoft Outlook client. The application allows you to record and report all interactions with your customers, take data offline in MS Outlook and auto sync when getting back online, automate tasks with email template and workflow engine. Never miss another sale or service request.

About eGrabber, Inc.

eGrabber is the leading provider of sales lead and resume data capture and processing solutions. Over half a million businesses use eGrabber engines for processing leads, resumes and other customer data. eGrabber's data-capture engines enable fast, accurate and simple out of the box automation, thanks to patented domain-aware and work flow-aware technology. They help automate costly and inefficient business processes related to integrating and merging customer data across the web, email and multiple applications.

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