Press Release - Dated August 20, 2002

AddressGrabber Bundled with Premium Version Of ACT! 6.0

San Jose, CA, August 20, 2002 - eGrabber Inc., a Silicon Valley-based developer of business automation solutions, has teamed up with Best Software to offer a special package to ACT! users upgrading to the latest ACT! v6.0. As an introductory offer they will receive a copy of "AddressGrabber for ACT! 6.0 Bundle" for free.

This abridged version of AddressGrabber intelligently "figures-out" pre-specified contact information like Contact Name, Job Title, Department, Company Name, Street Address, City, State, Zip, Country, Phone and Extension and enters them into ACT! v6.0.

AddressGrabber allows ACT! users to capture names and addresses in ANY format from just anywhere - email signatures, web forms/pages, on-line directories, word processors.

"This bundle enables us to deliver to our customers a valuable solution that enhances both their speed and their productivity," said Kristi Sprecher, senior director of ACT! partner programs. "AddressGrabber is an easy-to-use, powerful tool which simplifies the tedious task of entering contact details into ACT! - all in a single CLICK."

Special price discounts are also offered to ACT! v6.0 users to upgrade "AddressGrabber for ACT! 6.0 Bundle" to Standard or Business editions that provide additional functionality like transferring all contact information, formatting & verifying addresses, scheduling activities and more.

For additional information, visit AddressGrabber Webpages.

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