Press Release - Dated March 01, 2004

eGrabber's SDK Adds Free Address Parsing Technology to Applications

Leading provider of data entry tools releases SDK to"address-parse-enable" any application.

Saratoga and Los Gatos, CA, March 01, 2004 - eGrabber today announced AddressGrabber SDK 1.0, the first generation of the company's Software Development Kit (SDK). This kit allows integration of eGrabber's patented address parsing technology (US Patent No. 6,339,795 B1) into all software applications.

With this free SDK, eGrabber dramatically expands the reach of its technology to all developers of software applications. Any software that has an inbuilt address book can now leverage the use of this engine, which has been fine tuned using feedback from more than ½ million users over a period of 6 years. All application users will be able to automatically process and enter contacts and addresses.

"eGrabber's goal is to provide an accurate parsing technology to all developers at no cost" explained Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber, "We want everyone to benefit from using our engine, to automatically create records and contacts. This is our major step in helping all our fellow software companies derive a competitive edge."

Historically, parsers are only available at either high licensing costs or at high volume commitments. eGrabber levels the playing fields for all developers by providing the SDK free of charge. Application developers working on various backend (Access Databases, FileMaker Pro, etc.) can develop using any of their favorite development languages and environments.

"The SDK was so easy to use; we integrated it in 1 day. Our users can now add new records into our system with just 1-click. Our application has since gone up 1 level of user-friendliness." says Victor Eydus, CEO, Flaxman Software, "The best deal is, besides the integration hours we put in, there are no huge licensing costs for a sophisticated technology like this. This definitely gives a competitive edge for our product."

Features and Benefits

  • Extraction Accuracy
    The engine has been fine tuned over a period of 6 years and has proven to be most accurate engine in the market with more than ½ million users. The Address Field Extraction Module incorporates a patented field recognition technology that can accurately extract all contact fields including Name, Company, Title, Street, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax and Email from any block of text. It can extract information from address databases, Email signatures, Order forms, Web leads and practically any other source.
  • One-Click Transfer
    Application users will be able to create new records instantly with a single click on the application icon on the AddressGrabber toolbar. If entering one record takes 30 seconds, 20 a day will take 10 minutes. By using the AddressGrabber, users will be able to save 1 week a year.
  • Address Verification
    AddressGrabber comes with an address verification component that ensures all addresses are verified against the USPS database before being transferred into your address book.
  • Fast, Easy Integration
    The SDK has been designed to allow developers to quickly and easily integrate the Address Parsing technology into their application in less than 4 hours. Due to the open XML format, integration can be done using any language or environment. 6 samples (Visual Basic, Visual C++) are also included in the SDK for quick reference.
  • No Licensing Fees
    The technology comes free with no licensing fees, and no transaction fees per address parsed.All software developers can now leverage on the accurate engine to take their product and services to the next level.
About eGrabber, Inc.

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