Press Release - Dated June 17, 2008

eGrabber Announces DupChecker for ACT! with advanced features - DupChecker for ACT! now comes with advanced duplicate checking capabilities that allow ACT! users to find exact duplicates on user defined fields and custom user fields.

San Jose, CA, June 17, 2008 - eGrabber Inc., the leading Silicon Valley - based provider of sales lead and resume data capture and processing solutions, today announced DupChecker for ACT with advanced duplicate checking capabilities that allow ACT! users to find duplicates on upto a combination of three ACT! fields including user defined fields and custom user fields. This flexible matching facility helps ACT! users to find and eliminate every single duplicate contact in their database.

With DupChecker for ACT! , ACT! users will be able to detect hard to find duplicate contacts in their database. DupChecker for ACT! uses eGrabber''s Fuzzy matching technology to intelligently scan the ACT! database and find duplicates that are created through data entry errors, import mapping errors, formatting variations, nicknames, common abbreviations and more.

"Detecting and eliminating duplicate records is one of the important tasks in improving database quality" said Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber Inc." Having a duplicate-free database is an asset to any organization. DupChecker for ACT! helps ACT! users build a quality database."

eGrabber DupChecker helps to maintain a clean and duplicate free database by enabling ACT! users to see all the duplicates scanned in a easy to view grid and merge/purge them.

The new eGrabber DupChecker for ACT! will be available for immediate release.

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