Press Release - dated May 10, 2011

eGrabber launches industry's first B2B Prospect List creation + completion software - Automated software helps Sales, Marketing and Recruiting pros create prospect lists with appended email and phone.
San Jose, CA, May 10, 2011 - eGrabber Inc., the developer of the world's most powerful B2B list building tools, announced the launch of LeadGrabber Pro.

LeadGrabber Pro is an automated software which scans search results in Google, social networks, job boards and any other portal that provides search results and extracts names, titles, companies and other contact information.

If the extracted contacts have missing email addresses and phone numbers, LeadGrabber's List Completion technology fills them in. The List Completion technology scans the Internet in real time and triangulates the missing information using multiple public sources. 

Early adopters of LeadGrabber Pro during its private Beta phase have loved the control they have over the lists they create:

"The main challenge was waiting on a 3rd party to provide a list. With LeadGrabber we are in control of the information we are acquiring even when the requirements change. If our requirements do change, we can act upon this almost immediately", said an Internet Security solutions firm. Having the choice to add the conditions we require also helps us produce a list of contacts which is already segmented and ready to market to.

LeadGrabber Pro is built for sales, marketing, recruiting professionals.

LeadGrabber Pro is priced at an annual subscription fee of only $3495 only. For more information on the product, please click here.

About eGrabber, Inc.

Since 1996 eGrabber has been inventing business processes that simplify Internet research. We developed the most accurate research technology to build targeted B2B prospect lists & recruiting lists from the Internet. Our customers are those that want to do outbound marketing - but cannot find ready-to-use prospect lists or have a need to update existing lists.

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