Press Release - Dated August 25, 2004

eGrabber releases ListGrabber for the new ACT! 2005 Contact And Customer Management Product Family - Build a database of leads from online directories in ACT! 2005 with just one click.

San Jose, CA, August 25, 2004 - eGrabber Inc., a leading Silicon Valley-based provider of data entry automation solutions, today released their newest version 3.0 of ListGrabber with support for the new ACT! 2005 contact and customer management product family.

ListGrabber v3.0 now allows sales professionals to quickly capture leads from online directories, yellow pages directories, document contact lists and Microsoft® Excel spreadsheets into ACT! 2005. It automates transfer of leads in any format and provides an invaluable edge to businesses by eliminating errors due to typing or copying and pasting incorrect information.

"ListGrabber provides automated data entry efficiencies for ACT! users," said Beth Kohler, Senior Product Manager of ACT!. "The product eliminates the labor intensive entry of leads into the ACT! contact and customer database that our users are familiar with, ultimately helping their sales activities become much more effective."

"ListGrabber has done well to attract the rapidly growing community of sales professionals. An ACT! database made up of thousands of leads can be created in no time," explained Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber Inc. "With ListGrabber v3.0 and ACT! 2005, you can kick off a marketing campaign in minimal time."

ListGrabber Standard, priced at $249.95, supports ACT! 2005 and ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups. For additional information, visit ListGrabber Standard Webpage.

For additional information, visit AddressGrabber Webpage.

ACT! 2005 Product Family From Best Software

ACT! from Best Software is the #1 selling contact and customer manager that helps selling professionals, small businesses and corporate workgroups better manage their time and build stronger business relationships to empower front-line sales effectiveness. The ACT! 2005 product family includes ACT! 2005 for individuals and small teams of up to ten users, and ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups supporting powerful database collaboration for workgroups of up to 50 users.1 Both products deliver the same ACT! user experience. ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups adds enhanced scalability, security and group collaboration features.

ACT! 2005 retails for $229.99 (upgrade $149.99 MSRP) and ACT! 2005 Premium for Workgroups retails for $399.99 (upgrade $259.99 MSRP). The ACT! 2005 product family is available for purchase now at popular software retailers, direct resellers, the ACT! Add-Ons eStore.

About eGrabber, Inc.

eGrabber has been a leading provider of data entry automation solutions since 1996. Our products automate costly and inefficient business processes related to integrating and merging customer information across the web, email and multiple platforms. eGrabber's proprietary "eGrabber bus" architecture seamlessly extracts customer information and merges it across applications, databases, web pages and devices. The "eGrabber bus" engine has proven to be the most accurate engine in the market with more than ½ million users.

eGrabber has received U.S. Patents for pioneering automatic data-extraction and data-transfer technology. Our solutions include AddressGrabber, ListGrabber, ResumeGrabber and Web Response Grabber.

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Actual number of users supported will vary based on the size and usage of the database.

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