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Cost Effective Solution To Capture and Follow-Up Leads Generated Over The Web

Saratoga, CA, Dec 4, 2001 - eGrabber, a Silicon Valley-based developer of sales automation solutions, today announced the launch of ListGrabber Standard v2. ListGrabber Standard enables sales professionals to quickly capture leads generated from online yellow pages and other web sites into contact managers for prompt follow-up.

ListGrabber Standard automates transfer of leads in any unstructured or structured format directly into all popular contact managers. The automated approach helps businesses simplify the sales lead generation, saving time and money. Email lists are also instantaneously generated for various email campaigns.

ListGrabber Standard provides an invaluable edge to businesses by eliminating errors due to data entry, copying & pasting wrong information and duplicate lead information.

"With ListGrabber Standard you can kick off your marketing campaign in a fly" says Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber, Inc. "A few clicks and thousands of hot leads are transferred from on-line directories like Yahoo Yellow pages, Smart pages to destination applications like ACT!, GoldMine, Palm Desktop, Outlook and Excel."

ListGrabber Standard features a user-friendly toolbar and a Grid with label view and spreadsheet-like features for easy editing and review. It allows transfer of leads to virtually any application that allow data import from CSV /Tab separated formats - SalesLogix, Maximizer, Telemagic, etc.

"I am stunned, shocked and amazed at how well it seems to seems to me you have developed an extraordinary program!" says Dominic Bellino of Spectrum Biosystems about ListGrabber.

Comfortably priced at $249.95, ListGrabber Standard can be ordered online or by phone at 408-872-3103 between 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM PST. Additional information and evaluation version are available at

About eGrabber
eGrabber is the leading provider of automation software, which enables prompt processing and follow-up of incoming leads and resumes. eGrabber tools come built-in with value added functionality's that users can customize to intelligently process their leads & resumes from web, email or any source into their existing lead tracking systems.

eGrabber has been developing patent pending technologies to intelligently process sales leads and resumes since 1996. Our solutions can be quickly deployed and integrated into customer's existing IT and web infrastructure. We integrate with all popular CRMs, SFAs, HRMs, business sites and portals. Our solutions include AddressGrabber, Web Response Grabber, ListGrabber and ResumeGrabber. eGrabber is head quartered in Saratoga, CA. To learn more go to or call 408-872-3103.