Press Release - Dated March 28, 2009

eGrabber Clarifies its Stand with LinkedIn Corporation - Makes clear that it is NOT affiliated or connected in any manner, especially through business relationships and partnerships, to the LinkedIn Corporation and its website.

San Jose, CA, March 28, 2009 - eGrabber, Inc., the leading Silicon Valley-based provider of Internet research tools that enable automated real-time candidate-sourcing and lead-generation from the web, today clarified that the company does not have business relationships or partnerships of any kind with LinkedIn Corporation and its website.

"eGrabber does not promote nor recommend its customers to access the LinkedIn website in ways or for purposes that is against the terms of LinkedIn's user agreement. The legal information page on eGrabber's website makes it very clear to customers on these matters," said Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber. "Right now we do not have any business relationship with LinkedIn Corporation."

eGrabber has always recommended that its customers read the license agreements of websites and software before using its products. eGrabber encourages users of its products to operate within the law.

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