Press Release - Dated October 03, 2008

eGrabber to Showcase New Data Append Tool for PCRecruiter at MRINetwork's Global Conference 2008 - New tool to help MRINetwork recruiters append missing information to contacts in PCRecruiter Rollup List.

San Jose, CA, Oct 03, 2008 - eGrabber, Inc., the leading Silicon Valley-based provider of Internet research tools that enable automated real-time candidate-sourcing and lead-generation from the web, announced its participation at the MRINetwork's Global Conference 2008 to be held in Las Vegas from October 2-5, 2008 at booth #212.

At the conference, eGrabber will showcase the latest addition to its portfolio of Recruiting solutions - LeadResearcher for PCRecruiter. eGrabber LeadResearcher uses the power of the Internet - Search Engines, Networking Sites, Company Website, etc. - to expertly search and append missing data (email, phone, etc.) to contacts in PCRecruiter Rollup Lists.

Recruiters no longer need to spend time in researching missing contact information on the Internet, nor do they have to waste money on costly data append services. Instead, recruiters can copy-paste / import the list of contacts* directly from PCRecruiter's Rollup List (or Excel, .csv, etc.) into Lead Researcher's spreadsheet like grid and the tool will intelligently search the Internet to quickly generate missing contact information. It is so fast that users can append data for an entire list of contacts in no time. Once appended, the updated contacts can be exported directly into the PCRecruiter Rollup List.

"Getting the right information at the right time can be critical to recruiting success. eGrabber LeadResearcher delivers advanced Internet research techniques to find information that you need to contact your prospects faster and better" said Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber. "This product is another example of our commitment to provide innovative ways to add high-value and performance to the recruiting profession."

In addition to contact append, eGrabber LeadResearcher enriches your candidate database by returning links to the candidates' profile on social networking sites and also the email addresses of other people working in the same company (as does the candidate).

"The new LeadResearcher from eGrabber will affect the recruiting industry in a big way. Every recruiter and resume sourcer will want this product. With a single click, you could get a whole lot of recruiting intelligence on a candidate - email, phone, links to profile on networking sites, blog posts, and more. I am excited at the possibilities this revolutionary tool could open for the recruiting profession." said William F. Kubicek, VP of Sales & Marketing, Main Sequence Technologies, Inc. (developers of PCRecruiter).

LeadResearcher will be showcased at the MRINetwork's Global Conference 2008, at booth #212.

"eGrabber's solutions provide an ease of use that is very adaptable to our needs. Their products have improved our productivity many times" said Mark E Reisner, Managing Director, MRINetwork, The Merwin Group. "The new eGrabber LeadResearcher will help improve both the accuracy and timeliness of information that we could collect about our candidates."

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*Enter candidate's first name, last name and the company name/ website url to get email addresses, phone number, etc (or) enter email addresses to get name, company, phone, etc.