Press Release - Dated September 18, 2007

eGrabber to showcase Resume Sourcing Tool for Google at Onrec EXPO2007 - ResumeFinder Tool allows HR professionals to quickly zero-in on qualified candidates without being a Google expert. Conference attendees to receive a free copy of eGrabber's AddressGrabber product with every demo of ResumeFinder.

San Jose, CA, September 18, 2007 - eGrabber Inc., the leading Silicon Valley-based provider of sales lead and resume data capture and processing solutions, announced its participation at the Onrec EXPO2007 to be held on September 18 /19 at San Francisco. At the show, eGrabber will showcase the latest addition to its portfolio of Recruiting solutions - ResumeFinder. ResumeFinder is specifically designed to help HR professionals quickly search for resumes using Google. Recruiting professionals can use, edit, save and even share ResumeFinders's patent-pending search string scripts to unleash the full power of Google when searching for passive candidates. To search for passive candidates, recruiters no longer need to be experts in Google's advanced search commands. Instead they can now enter only the desired resume keywords, and ResumeFinder then programs Google with all the appropriate search strings to find only relevant resumes.

"Today, finding passive candidates on Google requires recruiters to master and apply advanced search commands and techniques that require time, effort and expertise that HR professional may not always have," said Mark E. Berger, Director Strategic Relationship, eGrabber. "ResumeFinder delivers advanced Google search logic and techniques that have been developed, tested and proven by recruiting experts and then packaged by eGrabber in the form of our patent-pending search scripts right into the product. Recruiters can use these scripts out-of-the-box to search for candidates or create, edit, customize, save and share these scripts. Now with ResumeFinder everyone can be a Google resume search expert."

ResumeFinder is designed to work in concert with eGrabber's existing ResumeGrabber Professional product. Any Google search results found using ResumeFinder can be readily imported into ResumeGrabber Professional's spreadsheet like grid. Once in the grid, recruiters can :

  • Sort and manipulate resumes using a variety of filters such as keywords, years of experience, location
  • Send automated/bulk email to passive candidates using pre-defined templates
  • Automate the forwarding of resumes to clients
  • Export resumes and resume fields to various databases and Applicant Tracking Systems
ResumeFinder will be showcased at the Onrec 2007 Expo. Every attendee who attends a 3 minute presentation and demonstration of ResumeFinder at the show will be entitled to receive a free copy of AddressGrabber ($69.95 value).

"We are happy to have eGrabber be a part of our Onrec 2007 Expo this year to showcase their new Resume Sourcing tool for HR professionals," said Tim Hatrich, Onrec Executive. "Additionally, as a long time user who has personally saved countless hours of manual data entry using AddressGrabber, I am excited to see eGrabber extend a free copy to all conference attendees."

ResumeFinder demonstrations at the Onrec 2007 Expo will be available at the eGrabber booth 112.

ResumeFinder is available for immediate release and priced at a annual subscription fee of only $349.

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