Press Release - Dated August 02, 2006

eGrabber announces new ResumeGrabber Pro v5.0 for recruiters - In addition to resume data capture, recruiters can now source and screen resumes.

San Jose, CA, August 02, 2006 - eGrabber Inc., a leading Silicon Valley- based provider of data capture automation engines, has enhanced its industry leading solution for recruiters with the release of its all new ResumeGrabber Pro v5.0.

As in previous versions, ResumeGrabber Pro v5.0 allows users to transfer resumes from emails and job boards into their contact managers (CRM), databases and spreadsheets with just one click. ResumeGrabber Pro v5.0 now adds a powerful new functionality that enables users to source and screen resumes from a number of sources including email, desktop folders, job boards, Google desktop and even Google search results.

"The new ResumeGrabber Pro v5.0 is designed for recruiters who need to screen resumes." said Chandra Bodapati, CEO of eGrabber Inc. "The new ResumeGrabber Pro v5.0 with its resume screening capabilities and enhanced parser accuracy now enables recruiters to quickly screen resumes in their PC using keywords and enter them into their databases."

About eGrabber, Inc.

eGrabber is the leading provider of data-capture-automation engines. Over half a million businesses use eGrabber engines for processing leads, resumes and other customer data. eGrabber's data-capture engines enable fast, accurate and simple out of the box automation, thanks to patented domain-aware and workflow-aware technology. They help automate costly and inefficient business processes related to integrating and merging customer data across the web, email and multiple applications.

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