Press Release - dated October 28, 2009

eGrabber Announces ResumeGrabber Suite Beta - A complete end-to-end online candidate sourcing solution for recruiters. The new tool allows users to quickly source and build a database of candidates from the most happening sources on the Internet - social networking sites, blogs, communities, and more.
San Jose, CA, October 28, 2009 - eGrabber Inc., the leader in automated Internet lead-generation tools, today announced the release of ResumeGrabber Suite. The new ResumeGrabber Suite is a complete solution to speed-up all phases (end to end) of online candidate sourcing - finding resumes on the Internet, importing them into your database, screening and conducting background research on your candidates, and more.

"We are known in the North American Recruiting community as a company dedicated to developing innovative and top quality products with the objective of improving recruiters' productivity. In the last 10 years, we have evolved from delivering resume capture tools to more powerful solutions that source and research candidates using dynamic sources on the Internet," said Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber Inc. "I am excited about the possibilities the new ResumeGrabber Suite will open for recruiters in terms of expanding their search horizons and allowing them to quickly build their candidate lead pipeline."

ResumeGrabber Suite uses expert boolean search algorithms to find resumes on the Internet, and patented resume capture/ parsing technology to extract those Internet resumes. To build a database of qualified resumes, recruiters will have to simply enter their search criteria and the software will

- Search matching resumes from popular resume sources including search engines, social networking sites, Internet communities, free resume portals and more
- Import, organize and auto-summarize resumes with specified keywords for easy screening
- Eliminate duplicate resumes
- Transfer the screened resumes to your existing database, online ATS or HRIS

For recruiters who are not already using an ATS, ResumeFinder Pro can double as an effective desktop ATS for their purposes. Recruiters can create folders (similar to PC folders) for each of the various assignments they are working on and then organize and save resumes to these folders.

An exciting feature in the product is that it enables you to instantly research your candidates' background. With the click of a button, you can get comprehensive information on any candidate from available sources on the Internet - professional associations, networking sites, blog posts, forums, news, etc.

Irrespective of whether the recruiter is an expert or non-expert at Internet research, he will benefit immensely by using this tool. Recruiting offices, hiring departments and talent sourcing teams can use ResumeGrabber Suite to quickly generate a quality lead pipeline or resume database for various job openings and search assignments.

ResumeGrabber Suite is priced at an annual subscription fee of $695 only. For more information on the product, please visit ResumeGrabber Suite.

Information on all other products, including LeadResearcher, eMail-Lead Grabber, AddressGrabber and ListGrabber can be found at

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