Press Release - Dated April 18, 2008

eGrabber announces Social Network Grabber for Excel - Industry's first custom solution to import resumes from social networking sites into Excel.

San Jose, CA, April 18, 2008 - eGrabber Inc., a leading Silicon Valley-based provider of sales lead and resume data capture and processing solutions, today announced the release of a custom macro to import profiles from social and business networking sites, into Excel. The announcement follows months of research and development work that has gone into making this solution available for the recruiting industry.

Social networking sites are one of the best sources for quality passive candidates. Since the profiles are updated by the candidates themselves, they contain the most up to date and accurate details. The Social Network Grabber for Excel is specifically designed to help HR professionals who prospect for potential candidates on social and professional networking sites. With Social Network Grabber for Excel, recruiters can quickly import profiles from networking sites into an Excel database. Manually extracting resume details from these sites is a tedious and distracting task for busy recruiting professionals. Instead, recruiters can now do a search for matching profiles on the network and with a single click, import all of them into Excel. eGrabber's solution will automatically open each individual profile, copy all relevant details and transfer it, along with the resume, into columns in an Excel spreadsheet.

"The new Social Network Grabber for Excel is a shot in the arm for HR professionals who used social networking sites to source passive candidates. Recruiters will be impressed by the ease with which they are going to be able to capture all of the information into Excel, " said Chandra Bodapati, CEO, eGrabber. "I am sure that the recruiting industry will derive benefits that are high on value, by using it".

The Social Network Grabber for Excel is available for immediate release and priced at an annual subscription fee of $649 only.

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