Press Release - Dated December 05, 2002

Web Response Grabber Business v3.0 Released.

San Jose, CA, December 05, 2002 - eGrabber Inc., a Silicon Valley-based developer of eMarketing solutions, today announced the release of Web Response Grabber Business v3.0, tightly integrated with ACT! and GoldMine. This version offers added support for Microsoft Outlook, Access and Excel software.

Web Response Grabber Business enables businesses to automate processing of email from web forms and email surveys into their contact management database software for prompt follow-up. It supports Internet XML standards that allow effortless database integration.

Web Response Grabber Business v3.0 effects businesses to quick-start their web and database software integration with minimal investment of time and money. It comes with simple wizard driven setup that helps users to start using Web Response Grabber in minutes.

"eGrabber continues its commitment to deliver innovative and simple solutions for automating Internet business data capture processes" says Chandra Bodapati, President and CEO of eGrabber Inc. "We have designed the new Web Response Grabber Business v3.0 for businesses who quickly want to integrate Internet data into their business software."

"The WRG software is intuitive, simple and elegant… I no long am drowning in email from our web site. We can respond to client inquiries quickly and effectively" says Krista Bradford, CEO, Bradford Executive Research Inc.

About eGrabber, Inc.

eGrabber is the leading provider of automation software, which enables prompt processing and follow-up of incoming leads and resumes. eGrabber tools come built-in with value added functionality's that users can customize to intelligently process their leads & resumes from web, email or any source into their existing lead tracking systems.

eGrabber has been developing patent pending technologies to intelligently process sales leads and resumes since 1996. Our solutions can be quickly deployed and integrated into customer's existing IT and web infrastructure. We integrate with all popular CRMs, SFAs, HRMs, business sites and portals. Our solutions include AddressGrabber, Web Response Grabber, ListGrabber and ResumeGrabber.

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