Press Release - Dated January 17, 2003

Web Response Grabber GMSQL v3.0 Released.

San Jose, CA, January 17, 2003 - eGrabber Inc., leading provider of eMarketing Business Automation solutions, today announced the release of Web Response Grabber GMSQL v3.0; a wizard driven web-import solution that simplifies importing leads from web-forms into GoldMine Sales & Marketing.

The new wizard-driven user interface enables users to set-up processing of web-form email responses by just pointing and clicking. Since Web Response Grabber's unique design requires no scripts to be written or installed anywhere, end users with no programming knowledge can immediately start using it to import leads from their existing web-forms!

Other key features of Web Response Grabber GMSQL 3.0 include:

  • Wizards to guide user to setup the software to importing email responses onto GoldMine
  • Duplicate check on all fields in primary/additional contacts, Account number, key fields
  • Support for all fields in GoldMine Details Tab and Additional Contacts Tab
  • Bounced Email handling wizard to help manage bounced emails
Paul Redstone, Managing Director of Solica Consulting Ltd., a FrontRange Solutions Partner said, "Web Response Grabber allows us to easily implement sophisticated interfaces to web sites. We have customers whose web sites are used to provide quotations, display newsletters and make requests. All of these generate thousands of emails monthly. The emails are processed by Web Response Grabber, which provides automated services to customers, schedules follow-up calls, sends emails, etc. Web Response Grabber is easy to configure, which is important not only initially but also as the web site evolves. This new version is even more powerful and easier to set up. In our view, Web Response Grabber is clearly the best way to connect GoldMine to your web site."

Chandra Bodapati, CEO of eGrabber Inc. said, "Web Response Grabber is just the first step in eCRM and online marketing automation for GoldMine users. To help GoldMine users jump-start their web automation, 15 frequently used sample web-forms and detailed instructions are available at no cost.

Web Response Grabber GMSQL v 3.0 supports dbase and SQL versions of GoldMine Business Contact Manager and GoldMine Sales & Marketing v5.x

About eGrabber, Inc.

eGrabber is the leading provider of automation software, which enables prompt processing and follow-up of incoming leads and resumes. eGrabber tools come built-in with value added functionality's that users can customize to intelligently process their leads & resumes from web, email or any source into their existing lead tracking systems.

eGrabber has been developing patent pending technologies to intelligently process sales leads and resumes since 1996. Our solutions can be quickly deployed and integrated into customer's existing IT and web infrastructure. We integrate with all popular CRMs, SFAs, HRMs, business sites and portals. Our solutions include AddressGrabber, Web Response Grabber, ListGrabber and ResumeGrabber.

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