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eGrabber announces release of its Web-Import solution for GoldMine FrontOffice

Saratoga, CA, Aug 13, 2001: eGrabber, a Silicon Valley-based developer of business automation solutions today announced the imminent release of its rapid web-import product, Web Response Grabber GMFO for GoldMine FrontOffice users. This is the second SKU in the WRG Enterprise series to integrate leads from web forms into CRM applications. eGrabber has been marketing a version of this product with limited features as WRG PRO to address the needs of small business users for the last two years. WRG GMFO is a full blown product that addresses the mid-market requirements and supports SQL Server.

Web Response Grabber GMFO will be launched at the upcoming FrontRange Solutions Partner Conference at Vail, Colorado (Aug 16 -- 19, 2001) and sold exclusively through GoldMine Solution Partners. This solution reduces the time taken to integrate web-form-email into GoldMine and provides additional functionality without any programming efforts.

WRG GMFO is the quickest way to setup and automate capturing and processing web form responses emailed to the company from registration forms. Or to process email surveys. What's new is that it allows the system to be set up without doing any scripting or html programming. Email responses are automatically downloaded and processed into GoldMine FrontOffice.

"Our tool provides GoldMine Solution Partners an easy way to integrate web-leads into GoldMine cutting down implementation time. This makes them more competitive. eGrabber has been partnering with GoldMine since 1998. We are committed to provide solutions to enter customer data into the GoldMine database in an efficient manner through our tools -- Web Response Grabber, AddressGrabber and ResumeGrabber," said Chandra Bodapati, President, eGrabber Inc.

About eGrabber
eGrabber has been developing patent pending technologies to intelligently extract and validate data from Sales leads and Resumes since 1996. Our solutions are designed to be quickly deployed and integrated into customer's existing IT and web infrastructure. We integrate with all popular CRMs, SFAs and HRMs. We also provide drivers for out-of-box integration with popular online yellow pages, business sites and recruiting portals. Our solutions include AddressGrabber, Web Response Grabber, EmailGrabber, ResumeGrabber and ListGrabber. eGrabber is head quartered in Saratoga, CA. For more information, please visit the company's Web site at or call 408-872-3103.