Free Duplicate Analyzer for ACT!

Finds duplicates that ACT! doesn't
eGrabber now offers a free scan for ACT!™ Users (free scan upto 250,000 records). eGrabber Duplicate Analyzer scans your entire ACT!™ Database for duplicates and generates a report with the following details:
  • Shows total number of duplicates found in your database
  • Shows types of duplicates found
  • Provides a sample list of duplicates detected
Duplicate Analyzer uses eGrabber's Fuzzy matching technology, which gives you the advantage of finding duplicates that are created through
  • Data entry errors
  • Import mapping errors
  • Common Abbreviations
  • Pronunciation variations
  • Formatting variations
  • and lots more...
Compare Duplicate Check by ACT!™ and eGrabber™
How to use Duplicate Analyzer?

1. On installing, Duplicate Analyzer adds a menu "DupChecker" in ACT!™ with three entries. Click "Generate Duplicate Analysis Report (free)" to initiate the free scan.

2. The free scan processes your entire ACT!™ Database and generates a report on number of duplicates detected, number of duplicates by match field such as Name/Company match, Email match, Phone match and Address match.

3. A partial list of Duplicates detected is shown in the DupChecker grid, giving you full flexibility to merge those duplicates. To view the complete list of duplicates and to merge/purge them from your database, you need to purchase eGrabber DupChecker.


With the report that Duplicate Analyzer generates, you can

  • Judge the quality of your database.
  • Estimate your business effects caused due to duplicates.
  • Implement mechanisms to eliminate the duplicates.
  • Analyze the cause of duplicates in your organization and employ methods to fix them.

How to eliminate Duplicates?

Duplicate Analyzer is a free tool that finds duplicates in any ACT! database. To view the complete list of duplicates and to merge/purge the duplicates, you need to purchase eGrabber DupChecker for ACT!