Types of Duplicates

Most of the matching solutions available in the market use just exact match between records. If we take a deep look into the database, there will be often slight variations that are missed by those processes.

eGrabber DupChecker uses proprietary fuzzy logic technology to flag duplicates caused due to the following variations.

 Data Entry Errors

Spelling / Typing Errors
Formatting Errors
Pronounciation Errors
Transcription Errors
Ed Baldwin = Ed Balwin
Sharon Randall = SharonRandall
Evan Wistar = Ewan Wystar

 Formal / Informal

Common Nicknames
Company Names
Dr Robert Hicks = Bob Hicks
Citibank = Citi


Common Endings
HP = Hewlett Packard Inc.
Inc. = Corp
Drive = Dr
Darriel Junior = D.J.

 Importing Errors

Match Name with email ID
Field Swap Errors
William Smith =
Name = Company or
First Name = Last Name