Quickest way to process emails leads into Excel spreadsheet

eMail-Lead Grabber Excel is an email processing automation solution that extracts data from your email messages and transfers them to Excel Spreadsheet or csv format (data export).When your prospect submits a form on your website, places an order, be it an order form, support/sales inquiry form - eMail-Lead Grabber intelligently reads the emails received in your Inbox and transfers the data into Excel.You can process the email leads(HTML/TEXT) purchased from lead vendors and transfer them to Excel Spreadsheet. It sends auto response follow-up whenever a prospect fills up an inquiry form on your website.

Transfer web form emails to Excel!

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Who uses eMail-Lead Grabber?
  • Businesses that purchase email leads: eMail-Lead Grabber helps businesses to automate the processing of email leads (Text/HTML) purchased via lead vendors (third party websites) and transfers them into Excel spreadsheet.
  • Companies using Web Forms: Companies that want to automatically process web form responses into Excel and enables immediate follow-ups.
  • Small and Home Based Businesses: Businesses that need extra help to automate manual data entry of order entry, invoice processing and capturing, shipping form details.
  • Sales and Marketing: Lead email capture software for professionals who want to automate processing lead emails into their contact manager and assign follow up.
  • Industry: Insurance agents, Real Estate Agents, Construction, Car dealers and many use eMail-Lead Grabber to speed up and improve sales conversion. eMail-Lead Grabber acts as a lead email management software eliminating the need of an employee to perform manual data entry, schedule follow-up and send product information to customer. Thus improves prouctivity upto 30%.

User Comments

""Gets leads to the sales team up to a week faster than before...resulted in increase in Sales."

David Peskin
Mortgage Warehouse.

"The combination of GoldMine® and eMail-Lead Grabber Excel makes it a very powerful and virtually unlimited automation tool to increase sales."

Henry Faust
Corporate Systems Associates.

"What used to take an hour or so now takes less than few minutes?. For the first time in 16 months, I'm up to date with managing all these names."

Ruth Moore, Founder
Network for Living Abroad

"Since downloads are one of our largest lead generation methods, eMail-Lead Grabber has resulted in increased sales."

Elizabeth Lindsay
Geodesic Systems.

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