eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor Plug-in!

eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor

Free Plug-in to capture e-mail IDs from web pages
What is eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor?
eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor is a one click! eMail capture tool that digs out all email addresses from any web page. With this Free Plug-in*, you can quickly build a list of email IDs for newsletter promotions, email campaigns etc… The Plug-in installs in your browser toolbar. Clicking it extracts email IDs from the page, de-dupes, sorts and displays them for you in an Excel and Outlook friendly format.
How to use eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor?


Open the webpage from where you would like to capture eMail Ids


Click on the 'eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor' toolbar within the Browser

eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor in IE 8 and Firefox 3.5

Try this out:

Let's suppose you want to find e-mail IDs of people Use this powerful Google Search string: (email | mailto | contact) *

Then click on eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor Icon. You will see the e-mail IDs extracted from search results web-page. The e-mail IDs will be sorted and dupes removed.

Replace with any other email domain you are interested in and repeat search.

NOTE: This product only extracts emails IDs from the search results page. If you need a product that opens each link and extracts email IDs, then you will need to get eGrabber LeadGrabber Pro.
How do I get eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor

The eGrabber eMail-ID Extractor is provided Free of charge. It works with IE 7 & 8 / Firefox 3 & above. Here are the steps to get the software :

  • Please click on below button and fill out the form
  • eGrabber will immediately send you an e-mail with a personalized activation code.You will also be redirected from this page to the download page
  • Download / install the plugin for your browser
  • Please add to your address book or safe list, to ensure that you receive the activation code
  • Once installed, you will need to activate the plugin within 24 hours. To activate, click the new eGrabber button in your browser and enter the activation code emailed to you