How a boutique IT Services CompanyGrows a Trustworthy Database

Nina Bathke

eGrabber is a fantastic tool that helps to grow and maintain a trustworthy database. It pulls the most recent data. The database can be used immediately.

We were able to grow our database significantly and every department of the business is benefiting from that.

Nina Bathke,
Marketing at T-Impact

Nina, can you tell us a little about T-Impact?

T-Impact is a specialist business transformation provider. We provide Business Process leadership and software solutions to our customers.

We leverage the best tools and methods available to save money, improve efficiency and increase customer value.

What challenges were you facing before adopting LeadGrabber?

We needed prospect databases, for our own use and for our customers’ use. Prior to eGrabber we didn’t have software in place

Our method consisted of growing our database manually. This was a hard and very time consuming process.

We bought lists too, but those lists did not have recent, updated data.

How did things change after you adopted LeadGrabber?

Purchasing eGrabber meant that we reduced our time on building databases by 50-60%. The manual process that took us Days is now achieved automatically in a few Hours.

Manually, we used to gather between 150-200 contacts per day. Using LeadGrabber Pro, we easily did 400, in a few hours.

Reduced time also means reduced cost per project.

Any features of LeadGrabber you like the most?

We love that LeadGrabber acquires the data automatically, while we are focusing on the next task.

Installation was simple and we were ready to go almost immediately.

What kind of ROI did you have on your LeadGrabber purchase?

LeadGrabber saves us time and errors, plus reduces cost of a project. We use the saved time for other tasks and projects. The databases are bigger than before. Finally, the databases are more reliable.

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   Dated : 2015 | Download Case Study in pdf