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#1 Sales Prospecting Tool for Sales & Business Development Reps to build targeted sales prospecting lists on LinkedInwith verified business email ID & phone. Use this sales prospecting software to book 3x more qualified demos.

LeadGrabber Pro is the world’s best sales prospecting tool that helps SDRs to find prospects that match the ideal customer profile. The B2B sales prospecting software helps sales & business development representatives to build sales prospecting lists including email marketing lists, cold calling lists, and email lists of decision makers from professional networking sites. Here is what the best sales prospecting software does:

Build High-Converting Sales Prospecting Lists 20x Faster

Online directories, social & professional networking sites such as LinkedIn, etc. are some of the best sources to find high-quality sales prospects that match your ideal customer profile.

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build high-converting sales prospecting lists 20x faster. The sales prospecting tool helps you to extract business contact information from these websites in a click. It gets you the contact name, job title, business email address, company, phone# and so on in a spreadsheet format.

Find Business Email and Company Phone in Seconds

LeadGrabber helps sales development reps to find business email addresses and company phone# of potential prospects in no time. The sales prospecting tool helps you to quickly build email lists of your ideal sales prospects and jump start outreach campaigns.

The sales prospecting software enables you to find corporate email-IDs of decision makers in your target accounts. The software automatically verifies the business email addresses to come up with a spam-safe index. You can build business email lists in no time.

Book 3x More Qualified Demos & Exceed Sales Quotas

LeadGrabber Pro helps you to set sales appointments & book more qualified demos with ease. The B2B sales prospecting software enables sales reps to quickly find the right prospects (decision makers with the authority to buy), reach decision makers with an irresistible message and book more qualified demos. The sales prospecting tool helps SDRs to book 3x more qualified sales demos & exceed sales quotas.

Reach Prospect’s Coworkers & Increase Engagement Rates

LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to get free email addresses list of coworkers. Sales development reps can now easily reach your prospects’ coworkers as well (reach multiple contacts in the same company). It helps you to increase engagement rates and increase sales conversion rates by 5x. In addition to your prospects’ email addresses, LeadGrabber Pro provides hundreds of free email addresses of coworkers & company emails.

Get New Customers Faster than Competitors

Using search filters, you can find recently promoted & hired decision makers on social media. You cannot get these prospects through list vendors because the lists typically are built a few months ago. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build fast-converting sales prospecting lists in no time and get new customers faster than competitors.

One-Click Transfer to CRM / ATS

Using LeadGrabber, sales development reps can transfer prospect lists to the CRM / ATS in a click. You can directly transfer your sales prospecting lists to, PCRecruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel and Outlook. The sales prospecting software also supports CSV format for automatic export of contacts to Bullhorn, Lotus Organizer, Jigsaw, etc..

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The Best Sales Prospecting Tool to build B2B Prospect Lists & Book More Demos

Who uses LeadGrabber Pro?
  • Sales Development Reps & Teams who are looking to build new / fresh sales prospecting lists for email marketing & outreach campaigns
  • Sales & Business Development Reps who like to reach decision makers of the company with ease and book more demos & appointments
  • Anyone who cannot buy a B2B prospect list from any list vendor
  • Anyone who needs a tool for sales prospecting to speed up sales prospecting by 5x-10x

Frequently Asked Questions

Although there isn't one sales prospecting method that works for everyone, it's fair to say that the traditional ways that worked well are no longer successful during the pandemic. Here are some smart sales prospecting methods that have helped book 3x more appointments, despite COVID.

  • Find out companies that are hiring now - this is a good indicator that such companies are growing. So, Job boards can be a great source for B2B sales prospecting, regardless of what you sell. If you notice companies hiring lots of salespeople, that's a perfect giveaway that they are looking to expand.
  • Re-engage with your past customers and your entire list of prospects - they are your low-hanging potential customers! They already know and have tried your solution. During these tough times, it's wiser to go after your past customers & prospects rather than running behind new companies. Look at your CRM and find out
    • How many of them have changed companies? - they can help you with recommending your solution in their current companies
    • How many of them are promoted to decision-making roles? - they can help you with considering your solution and you have a good chance of winning a lost sale
  • Leverage LinkedIn Events organized by your competitors and others - look for those LinkedIn Events that your prospects are likely to attend. Just join an event and you get to see all the attendees of the event. You don't need an invitation to attend an event - you just have to learn to find the event.

Successful sales reps use technology & tools to speed up prospecting. A sales development rep’s goal is to find the right prospects, engage with them, book qualified demos and pass it on to the account executive who will reach out to the prospect and close sales.

In some cases, the sales development rep has to both book sales appointments and close the sales as well. In such cases, sales prospecting software come in handy for sales development reps where they can save a lot of time and spend more time speaking with the prospects and closing more sales.

Most of the sales prospecting time is spent on identifying the right prospects from various sources on the Internet, finding decision makers along with their contact information and building a targeted prospect list.

Sales prospecting software that can automate the above process and build targeted prospect lists faster can help sales reps to spend more time reaching the prospects, engage, book more qualified demos and close more sales.

LeadGrabber Pro is one such sales prospecting software that helps sales reps to speed up prospecting.

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