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Activity you want done LeadResearcher Pro
ResumeGrabber JobSuite**
  Lead-Append Tool Resume Import Tool
Append missing contact details
Find missing email, phone, title, name, address in my existing db and list. (3 sec video)
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Append Social Network Links
Find Social Networking Sites, Twitter, Facebook ids for contacts in my database and list.
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Find Decision Makers
Find decision makers with specified titles for companies in my database and list.
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Build Targeted Industry Marketing List
Build list of leads - by extracting companies, names, email, phone from search engines (Google, Yahoo, Bing), web pages, Social Networking Sites, Data providing sites.
Build Targeted Company Marketing list
Build list of Employees OR list of Job Titles OR list of email-IDs - for a specified company
Build Resume Database
Import Resumes and profiles from any Job board or resume portal, Social Networking Sites, Search Engine (Google, Bing, Yahoo), Outlook email folders, PC folders
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Conduct Background Research
Summarize Research from Social Networks, Business Portals, Google and other sources for contact in my db and list
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  CRMs/ATS Supported Compare ResumeGrabber Suite and ResumeGrabber JobSuite
**ResumeGrabber will only grab contact information available in the documents they grab. They do not search the internet to find contact details that are missing. LeadResearcher Pro is required to find missing information.