Build Hiring Managers from Companies who are actively hiring in your speciality.

LeadGrabber MF can help you build targeted list of clients and candidates 10X faster than building them manually.

Using LeadGrabber MF, you can capture the list of companies who has a Job requirement from various job boards and finds Hiring Managers along with their verified contact information.


Used by Over 1000+ Recruiting & Staffing Companies, Including:

1. Capture Target Accounts

LeadGrabber MF Pro captures companies from any Job Boards in a single click. It captures Company Name, website URL and other company related information available and stores them in a spreadsheet format.

2. Finds Hiring Manager

LeadGrabber MF Pro finds Hiring Managers Names, Job-Titles with Verified Work Email Address, Work Phone and Li ID by searching the Internet and social media networks.

3. Get Spam safe Emails

This tool finds verified corporate email-IDs of Hiring Managers to ensure that the emails are spam safe. It enables cold emailers to avoid being blocked by ISPs & labelled as spammers.

Build your Clients and Candidates Lists 10X Faster...

What our Clients say...

"As we have highly demanding clients for whom speed to delivery is important, we need to access resumes in large amounts and distribute them among our Recruiting Team. The perfect tool for such task is eGrabbers JobSuite."

Tino Langner, Technology Director
WorldBridge Partners - WorldConcert RPO

"eGrabber makes the huge task of entering data easy. It also finds e-mail and contact numbers. eGrabber serves this process quickly and efficiently... thus allowing our ROI definitely justified."

Angie Huser, Project Coordinator
Global Talent Resources

"The eGrabber software that we currently employ is a vital part of our business process and has significantly improved our ability to provide the best possible back office support to our team."

Mike Reeves, President
Management Recruiters of Elgin

"I had a huge problem with time management before using eGrabber tools. Now i am able to save a lot of time; The eGrabber software is always first on my list of tools that i use when gives a new project. The eGrabber software works seamlessly with PCRecruiter."

Ben Maxwell, Internet Researcher

"eGrabber has helped us fill 4X more positions for the amount of time spent."

Lorena Stanley, Managing Partner
WorldBridge Partners