eGrabber Power Sourcing Suite includes the most powerful sourcing tools ever.

eGrabber Power Sourcing Suite includes the most powerful sourcing tools ever.The annual subscription price if purchased individually is $8,230 but purchased as a bundled suite the price is $7,430 / year. This is a savings of $800.

$8,230 / year
Only $7,430 / year
Save $800
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The Power Sourcing Suite includes all of the following products:

ResumeGrabber JobSuite

ResumeGrabber mass imports resumes/profiles from job boards, social networks, search engine results, and more.

Use it to quickly build qualified resume databases for each of your search assignments. The tool helps you to greatly speed-up online candidate sourcing, resume import and candidate research.

List Price: $ 1,395 / year

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LeadResearcher Pro

Internet research tool that instantly finds missing contact information for your list of contacts.

Use it to get updated E-mail Id and phone number for your contacts (candidates, decision makers and hiring managers). LeadResearcher uses advanced search techniques that are adopted by top 50 Internet researchers to find the missing contact information. It helps you save countless hours on Internet research.

List Price: $ 1,995 / year

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LeadGrabber Pro

B2B List building tool with powerful web-extract macros and email appending technology; Enables you to build more custom tailored & more up-to-date contact lists than you can buy from any list vendor.

LeadGrabber Pro allows sales, marketing and recruiting professionals to jump-start B2B sales & marketing campaigns by speeding-up list building. Lists built straight from the Internet are fresh and have the latest information available. Point LeadGrabber to an Internet search result and it intelligently detects and extracts contact information in web pages.

List Price: $3,495 / year

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Hiring Companies Grabber

Hiring Companies Grabber extracts search results from job boards and builds a list of companies that are hiring a specific skill set.

Use it to find companies where you might find talent you are looking for OR find companies that may require people you have on bench OR find what job titles your competitors or existing clients are filling AND more. Supports top 5 popular job boards

This module requires LeadGrabber Standard to be installed in the PC.

List Price: $995 / year


Automatically navigates through all the search pages and captures resumes and contacts. It is quick to setup and capture multiple pages from Job Boards and search engine results in a SINGLE click!

*Note: The license is subject to a maximum of 5000 navigations. Please contact us for more navigations or for further details.

This module requires ResumeGrabber Suite & LeadGrabber Pro to be installed in the PC.

List Price: $350 / year