eGrabber TouchPoint

Ever used the “Who’s Viewed My Profile” page in LinkedIn®?
Everybody on that page has taken an Interest in you, and what you offer.
Everybody could be a new client or a new candidate.
Imagine if you could attract 20-40 new candidates/clients a day?
eGrabber TouchPoint makes this possible!
eGrabber TouchPoint is an automated tool which advertises your profile to hundreds of clients/candidates every day.

When those clients / candidates see your profile and like what you have to offer, they will visit you back, or connect with you.

Imagine 20-40 fresh connections every day! Why recruiters Love eGrabber TouchPoint?
  • Advertise Open Roles to hundreds of passive Candidates (without expensive Ads)
  • Uses your existing LinkedIn to bring in new business, when it’s sitting idle
  • Have your AE’s and IR’s attract clients and candidates to themselves without writing a single InMail / eMail and without making a single phone call.

Get 7 days of profile-advertising for free!

From our CEO

As the Owner of a business, I constantly need to keep marketing my own company, everyday.

I need to keep marketing to so many different groups of people everyday - my customers, my high-probability pipeline, influencers, bloggers, future employees, ex-employees, friends, ...

But Marketing takes time and effort. Any day I miss marketing, I lose opportunities and lead pipeline that will close to sales fruit weeks and months from now.

However, other priorities and fires kept pulling me away from my daily marketing tasks.

That's why I built eGrabber TouchPoint. So I could do my daily marketing, AND get my other work done.

I've personally designed every bit of TouchPoint to suit a Business Owner. And I've been TouchPoint's most heavy user since we started building it a year ago.

Now, I set my marketing on auto-pilot mode and I just handle the incoming inquiries, leads and conversations.

Give TouchPoint a try. You will see results within hours or days. I also help select customers with strategic ideas how to use TouchPoint for their business.

Chandra Bodapati, CEO, Founder of eGrabber Inc.

Chandra Bodapati

CEO, Founder of eGrabber Inc.


1 License
FREE for 7 days

Annual License

1 License
$1,995 / Year
2 License pack
$3,690 / Year
2-user License pack comes with a 7.5% discount.
10 License pack
$16,950 / Year
10-user License pack comes with a 15% discount.
For immediate online demo or purchaseCall 1-866-299-7314 or e-mail
eGrabber TouchPoint users get Fantastic Support

Dedicated Support

Our support is one of the best around. Free Phone and email support available during the subscription period. Paid personalized training is also available.

FREE Updates

You can get free upgrades to new versions through the course of your subscription. Minor live updates are automatically downloaded and applied by the software.

Dedicated Training

Free monthly re-training webinars available so that you can keep newbies trained and discover new ways to use the tool.