eGrabber TouchPoint Assistant

TouchPoint is a Sales Funnel Management tool. Regardless of which part of the funnel you are responsible for, TouchPoint helps you increase engagement & increase sales conversions.

It is an entirely new automation tool for new business development, Sales Development Reps & Sales Teams, Account Managers & Customer Success Managers. It has never been done before.

Import your existing leads, prospects, accounts & customers. TouchPoint will help you with the following:

Warms Cold Leads

1. Non Spammy warming of cold prospects - TouchPoint warms Warm cold prospects in a non Spammy manner– they get to know you & your company – They feel comfortable connecting.

2. Improves Engagement of potential prospects - Makes it easy for you to engage with them with familiarity via email & phone.

3. Updates Old Leads - If any of your cold leads are out-of-date, TouchPoint updates their contact information.

Meant for:

  • New Business Development
  • Appointment settings companies
  • Sales Development Reps (SDR's)

Monitors Hot Prospects

1. Helps Unblock funnel – Alerts you when Champions and Deal Blockers leave. You can add all people in the decision making phase of accounts to a list. Alerts you if anyone in the decision making phase changes job. Gives you a chance to reconnect and try closing the deal.

2. Gets Monthly mindshare from decision makers - in an automated manner. Helps you appear to be persistent, not a pest. Remind them and move them toward deal closure.

3. Monitor your competition's customers - Alerts you when any customer of your competitor leaves, so you can reach out to the new decision maker and replace your competitor. You can also monitor your competitor's rep.

Meant for:

  • Sales Reps
  • Account Executives / AE's

Engages Customers

1. Gives new high converting leads – Alerts you if any of your customers change jobs. The job switchers can be a high-conversion lead opportunity for your new business development team. If they've bought from you before, there's a good chance they will buy from you again.

2. Protects existing customers from competition – Alerts if any of your key supporters in any of the accounts changes job. Your team can also reach back to customer company to find replacement before new management starts working with a competitor.

3. Helps in getting Renewals - Alerts you when users leave, so that you can reach out and engage new users. Helps you get regular mind-share of management, so that they are still engaged when it's time for renewing the deal.

4. Monitor users - Helps you keep track of users, because eventually users become decision makers and then they can buy from you.

Meant for:

  • Account Managers
  • Customer Success Managers

Get 7 days of profile-advertising for free!

- Sales Development, Account Executives, Account Managers, Customer Success -

whichever part of the funnel you own, TouchPoint monitors your leads & gets you increased engagement

How TouchPoint Works

Import Leads & Customers into TouchPoint

Step 1 : Import Leads & Customers into TouchPoint

Import from Purchased Lists, Excel, CSV, Salesforce / Any CRM, Web pages, LinkedIn® Searches.

TouchPoint finds LinkedIn® Profile and monitors it for title and company changes

Step 2 : TouchPoint finds LinkedIn® Profile and monitors it for title and company changes

TouchPoint periodically checks for Title and Company changes. TouchPoint also leaves your photo and headline impression on the target profiles - helps warm up your leads.

TouchPoint alerts when title or company change

Step 3 : TouchPoint alerts when title or company change

TouchPoint sends you daily email alerts of Title and Company changes it has discovered. You can also find the new business email address and phone#.

TouchPoint brings interested prospects to you

Step 4 : TouchPoint brings interested prospects to you

You get new connection requests and look-backs from interested prospects. TouchPoint increases traffic to your LinkedIn profile. You engage only those who show interest.

Monitors up to 24,000 Contacts a month for $10 a day

- no lost deals due to executive exits, no loss of mindshare, new opportunities delivered to your email -


TouchPointAnnual License

$3,495 / year
for 1 license and 1 Li account
- Track up-to 24K LinkedIn profiles / month
- 400 Title Change Alerts
- 200 Company Change Alerts
Also includes
500 Append new Email-ID & Phone#
5,000 Auto-Append LinkedIn-IDs
- Add Unlimited Title Change Alerts for $495
- Add 100 Company Change Alerts for $495
- Add 5,000 Auto-Append LinkedIn-IDs for $495
- Add 5,000 Append new Email-ID & Phone# for $495

TouchPoint *ProAnnual License

$4,995 / year
for 1 license and 1 Li account
- Track up-to 24K LinkedIn profiles / month
- UNLIMITED Title Change Alerts
- 500 Company Change Alerts
Also includes
1000 Append new Email-ID & Phone#
10,000 Auto-Append LinkedIn-IDs
- Add 100 Company Change Alerts for $495
- Add 5,000 Auto-Append LinkedIn-IDs for $495
- Add 5,000 Append new Email-ID & Phone# for $495

For immediate online demo or purchaseCall 1-866-299-7314 or e-mail

Other Key Features

Here are some workflow scenarios where TouchPoint is unique & different.
  • Advertise to exclusive LinkedIn Groups you are not part of. TouchPoint enables you to impress your pitch to decision makers and influencers in exclusive LinkedIn groups which you otherwise can't get access to. You can even export the list of people and add missing email and phone.
  • Advertise to a mass market and only follow-up on people who have shown interest. If you have a market with 10K-50K prospects, use TouchPoint to advertise to them. Only follow up on those who look back at you.
  • Deep mine companies which are less than 5,000 people in size. List vendors like don't have adequate data on smaller companies. With TouchPoint you can target deep inside departments of small and mid-size organizations.
  • Track deal blockers : every B2B sales person has to get past deal Blockers to land new accounts. These are people who are blocking the deal from going through citing budget, timing, authority, or other constraints. TouchPoint can help you track these blockers and notify you when they leave, so you can go back and close the deal.
  • Convert more purchased leads to sales. Data providers have high licensing costs. Use TouchPoint to double engagement, ROI & sales from purchased lists.
Here are some technological areas where TouchPoint is unique & different.
  • Increase traffic to your LinkedIn profile. Double traffic in a few days. Quadruple it in a couple of weeks. Steady stream of incoming new connections and conversations. Enable TouchPoint for your whole sales team and watch conversations overflow.
  • Track 2nd and 3rd degree connections. You don't need to be connected to someone directly to track their movement.
  • Auto-Attaches LinkedIn-ID - In case your contacts do not have a LinkedIn-ID, TouchPoint uses it's intelligent research technology to find and attach the correct LinkedIn-Id of the contact.
  • Append Missing Email Address and Phone # - TouchPoint comes with a 6-step patented Email Finding technology that gets you verified business email addresses of your contacts. Use this to update your contact list when your contacts have moved to new companies.
  • Export Visit-Backs - Export people who have shown interest in your online profile to a CSV file. Also get their business email-address and phone#
  • Recover lost and old contacts - prospect lists and customer lists more than a year old have out-dated contact information. TouchPoint finds the latest information of these contacts and updates them for you. You can export these back to your CRM.
eGrabber TouchPoint users get Fantastic Support

Dedicated Support

Our support is one of the best around. Free Phone and email support available during the subscription period. Paid personalized training is also available.

FREE Updates

You can get free upgrades to new versions through the course of your subscription. Minor live updates are automatically downloaded and applied by the software.

Dedicated Training

Free monthly re-training webinars available so that you can keep newbies trained and discover new ways to use the tool.

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