Plug-Ins and Drivers

Add-Appends - Plugin for eGrabber TouchPoint

This plugin is meant for any of these scenarios:

  • Run out of 4000 Find-Email quota?
  • Exhausted your Fair-Usage quota?
  • Exhausted your Grab-List quota?
When you buy one-copy of this plugin, your eGrabber TouchPoint is refilled with the following:
  • You can process 2000 more Find Email
  • Your Fair-Usage quota is refilled to 2000 + 20% more
  • You can capture 4000 more contacts using the Grab-List button
  • You can verify 200 more contacts using the Verify-Email button
You can also buy multiple copies of this plugin, per license key. So if you buy 2 copies, the numbers mentioned above are increased 2x.

Pricing : $395 for every 2000 records

Only US $395
Call 866-299-7314,
or email
to get this plugin

Append LinkedIn-ID – Add LinkedIn® profile URL to your leads – only needs name/company

Do you have a list of prospects, but don't have their LinkedIn® ID?

Paste the list of prospects (name and company) into the TouchPoint Contact grid and this plugin will research and find their LinkedIn-IDs for you. Then you can add these to a Touch-List for profile-visiting / advertising to these profiles.

This plugin is great at filling your existing CRM leads with LinkedIn-IDs.

$495 for 5,000 Leads

Only US $495 for 5,000 Leads
Call 866-299-7314,
or email
to get this plugin

Email-Verifier - Plugin for TouchPoint

If you run out of quota when you press the "Verify Email" button, this plugin will re-fill that.

The TouchPoint comes in-built with 400 free email-verification counts. Acquiring this plugin will increase that count by 5000.

Pricing : $295 for 5000 records

Only US $295
Call 866-299-7314,
or email
to get this plugin


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