Do you sell products/services to remote work companies

We have CXO leads of 10K+ US companies that are managing remote workforce

Do you sell products/services to remote work companies

Do you sell tools or services that help companies with WFH & Remote employees?

All these companies will need YOUR SOLUTION.

We have thousands of CXO leads - CEOs, CTOs, Presidents & VPs managing remote workforce.

We have a team that has built and is constantly updating an extensive list of companies that have remote teams. The list has contact info of key decision-makers, sourced just days ago.

If you have a product / solution for WFH teams, we can jump-start your sales engine right away with a list of such companies.


Where have we built the company list from?

The companies in these lists have been hand-picked and verified that they have people working from home.

We built them from:

  • Job Boards: We have picked up companies who have posted ads in the last month, looking for people who can work from home
  • Social Media: We have picked companies who talked about how they were working from home, we picked them from news feeds, twitter feeds, popular posts on facebook and LinkedIn
  • Press Releases: Found on the Internet, and company channels - filtered only to find companies which are very proudly saying that they are enabling remote work.
  • Secondary Research: We have tapped the research of other people who have successfully identified companies who have shifted their workforce from office to home
10000+ WFH - B2B Leads List

Where have we built the CEO, Presidents and decision makers contact information from?

Once we have the list of companies, we use our world-class Internet research tools to look through Company Websites, LinkedIn and other Internet documents to find Names of CEO’s, President’s, VP’s Directors and other key decision makers in the organization.

We append their verified business email addresses and phone numbers, along with LinkedIn IDs. So that you have multiple channels through which you can contact them and talk to them about your product or solution.


What contact information fields will you get ?

You will get the following fields in the contact list:

  1. Name
  2. Job Title
  3. Verified Business Email Address
  4. Company Phone number
  5. Personal LinkedIn ID
  6. Company Name
  7. Company Employee Size
  8. Company Region, City, State, Zip
  9. Company Website


How can I get a Copy of this List?

Click the button below and request a copy. Or email us, [email protected] (we work on weekends to help out businesses in need of leads!). Or message Chandra on LinkedIn.

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