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AddressGrabber for Web CRM

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 AddressGrabber- for Web CRM

  Import leads, capture email signatures, transfer contacts to salesforce, Outlook and Excel

If you are looking to build your lead database in, you probably want a CRM add on that lets you capture sales leads into than entering them manually.

AddressGrabber™ for WebCRM is an one click contact capture tool for that allows you to capture leads, contacts from any source - web pages, emails, online directories, documents and imports them into CRM. You can also import the captured leads into MS Excel. No more manual data entry. AddressGrabber for WebCRM also transfers Outlook address book contacts to with a click!

    How does AddressGrabber work for
AddressGrabber is a desktop application. Once installed, AddressGrabber appears as a floating tool bar on your desktop.

To create a contact in, follow these two simple steps:

Highlight Contact  Click Icon View transferred information
Highlight Contact: Highlight contact, as though you were going
to copy it.
Click Icon: Click on the application icon on the AddressGrabber™
View transferred contact: The contact details get transferred to your database.

    Unique Features of AddressGrabber:
1AddressGrabber™ is fast, accurate and saves time:
AddressGrabber intelligently figures out critical contact details like First Name, Last Name, Title, Company, Street, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Email, Website and automatically enters them into your

2AddressGrabber™ Flags Duplicates:
AddressGrabber alerts the user when a duplicate record is being entered into
The user can add it as a new record, update the record or skip the transfer.

3AddressGrabber verifies Contact Information with USPS (United States Postal Service):
AddressGrabber verifies the address details with USPS website. It helps you fill in the missing address details such as City, State, Zip Code and maintains the address in US Postal approved format.

4AddressGrabber™ Formats Contact Information the way you want:
AddressGrabber allows you to change the format of the contact information into Upper case, Lower case, Sentence case, Title case and more before transferring into your database. It helps you to maintain a unique address format in your

    Benefits of using AddressGrabber:
Saves Time - AddressGrabber cuts down your time spent on manual data entry by at least 80%. By One click it enters all fields of the contact into your online application such as within 5 seconds.

Duplicate free database - AddressGrabber helps you to maintain clean and non-redundant database.

    Why eGrabber?
Free E-mail / Phone Support* - eGrabber promises free e-mail and phone support to AddressGrabber Customers. We can be reached by phone
408-872-3103 or through our online support center. We also support our International Customers in Europe, Asia and Australia. You don’t need to call us – mail us your number and we will call you during your convenient day hours – for free.

Industry Leader for 13 years running! - AddressGrabber is a product of eGrabber based in Silicon Valley, California. eGrabber has been serving more than one million businesses since 1997.

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  • Subscription pricing benefits - Includes free live updates and compatibility with version changes during the subscription period. Free customer support by e-mail, phone during subscription period.
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*Free phone support for the first 30 days of purchase (for one named person per license) and free email support for the subscription period.

Software covered by U.S. Patent No. 6,339,795 B1, 6,711,624 and other Patents pending