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eMail-Lead Grabber - Easiest way to process your contact form, web leads, email inquiries and web order submissions into your database.
eMail-Lead Grabber (formerly known as Web Response Grabber) is powerful email lead processing software. It automatically extracts sales lead information from incoming Outlook / POP3 email leads and enters this information into Excel, Outlook, ACT!, GoldMine or other popular databases.

  • Extracts relevant lead information from the email messages
  • Extracts sales lead information from web form submissions
  • Enters lead information into Excel, ACT!, GoldMine, or Outlook
  • Checks for duplicate entries in your database
  • Sends auto-response emails to customer inquiries
Contact form processing software - Web order and Email inquiry capture solution    Extracts email leads, Process lead information into databse
eMail-Lead Grabber Excel

Email to Excel - Email Message ParsereMail-Lead Grabber reads the email you receive from your online forms and creates contacts in Excel