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What is LeadGrabber Pro?

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B List Building Tool that helps sales, marketing and recruiting professionals to speed up their process of prospect list-building.

With LeadGrabber, generating a targeted list of decision makers and their business email addresses & phone numbers is a breeze. You can now jump-start your email-marketing and tele-marketing campaigns and spend more time on phone discussing business / acquiring new clients.

Its powerful web-extract macros and the most accurate email appending technology enable you to build a ready-to-use prospect list from deep web sources on the Internet.
B2B List Building Software
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You can also automatically transfer the list to an Excel/CSV file or any CRM such as

Who uses LeadGrabber Pro?

  • Sales and Marketing Professionals who are looking to build new / fresh B2B lead lists from the Internet
  • Recruitment professionals who are looking to acquire new clients/business – from websites and job listings like Monster, Simply hired etc...
  • Anyone who likes to get access to the decision maker of the company with ease

What does LeadGrabber Pro do?

LeadGrabber Pro includes 100+ advanced Boolean search strings designed by experts. It helps you search the Internet for qualified leads and prospects and build a contact list by following few simple steps:

  1. Type the relevant keyword in the keyword box in LeadGrabber Pro
  2. Select the best search string that gives you the most desired results
  3. Click on the Grab button in LeadGrabber Pro to extract the lead information from the search results
LeadGrabber Pro automatically opens each web page of the search result and extracts contact information such as name, job title, company, email, phone number, address, website, etc.

 Our Customers Use LeadGrabber Pro on:
 > How to Find Business Contact information of C-Level Executives
 > How to Generate a List of Prospects & Append Business email Ids through Google / Bing
 > How to Get Hiring Companies from Job Listings & Find Name, Email Id of Hiring Managers

find email address for a business - Take a Free Trial- Download Email Address Finder Software

Features and Highlights:

List of Professionals and Companies from Professional Social Networks Build List of clients and Companies from Professional Networking sites, Job Postings and directories:

Online Directories, Professional and Social networking sites are rich sources of high-quality business leads. LeadGrabber enables you to find and extract contact information of your prospects such as name, job title, email address, company, phone, etc. in a structured format in one click.
World’s most accurate email/Phone appending technology:

LeadGrabber Pro finds the email ids and phone numbers of those people, whose contact information is not available. The software does a real-time search on the Internet to append updated email ids and phone numbers by clicking on a single (“append”) button.
List of Business Professionals Imports from and Exports to Leading CRMs and databases:

You can directly import your business contact lists from your database such as, PC Recruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel spread sheets and Outlook. LeadGrabber supports CSV format for automatic import of contacts from Bullhorn, Lotus Organizer, PCRecruiter, Jigsaw etc...

Contact databases supported:

Import to Database Use LeadGrabber Pro to transfer captured lead lists into the following databases:

  • ACT!
  • CSV

  • Who should purchase this product?

    • Purchase if you understand that not everyone has an internet foot print and understand the software can’t provide you data that doesn’t exist in the open Internet.
    • Purchase if you understand we don’t have a compiled database internally, all data we find will be researched in real time on hundreds of publicly available sources at the time you request it.
    • Purchase if you are okay with not finding email of people whose email exist somewhere on the open Internet.
    • Purchase if you understand eGrabber software projects email ID of people we can’t find on the internet by projecting their email based on the dominant email pattern used by their colleagues. This is bound to be right at best 2 out of 3 times. So there will be errors.
    • Purchase if your expectation of the software is to be many times faster in research than you could do manually – and not because you think it will be more accurate than an expert researcher.
    • Purchase if you are okay with this statement => This a statistical tool – it is guaranteed to save you research time. We expect it to find 90%+ of the contact information if available on the Internet. Statistically speaking email-finder gets emails of 40%-50% of the prospects – however the number of emails found is many time what the user can by spending the whole day researching. This tool is not for people who have expectation of getting email ids of more than 40% of the prospects.
    Pricing - Annual License
    1 License
    ( Upto 200,000 Leads )
    $ 295 / Month
    Billed Annually @ $ 3,495
    2 License pack
    ( Includes 5% discount - Net $ 277 / user / month )
    $ 553 / Month
    Billed Annually @ $ 6,640
    5 License pack
    ( Includes 10% discount - Net $ 262 / user / month )
    $ 1311 / Month
    Billed Annually @ $ 15,728
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    Volume pricing: Call 1-866-299-7314 or e-mail .
    Pricing - Month to Month License
    1 License    $ 1,195 / Month
    Billed Month to Month
    Cancel any-time

    This license is valid for 30 calendar days from the date of registering the software.

    You can upgrade to an annual license during the validity of the license period and get a $ 600 partial credit for your annual license purchase. You pay only $ 2,895 to extend the software for another 11 calendar months.

    You will have to pay the full $ 3,495, if you decide to purchase an annual license after the license period expires.

    Call 1-866-299-7314 or e-mail to for upgrade.

    ResumeGrabber JobSuite - Free Trial Buy ResumeGrabber JobSuite software

    If you wish to accelerate your lead generation process, Call SAM, Our Sales Specialist, today at 408-516-4566 or email .

    $ 295 / Month
    Billed Annually @ $ 3,495
    upto 200,000 Leads year
    $ 1,195 / Month
    Billed Month to Month
    Cancel any-time
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