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LeadResearcher Pro – Find Business Email Address by Name and Company

LeadResearcher is an automated business email address finding software.

Find Business Email Addresses for leads that have only Contact Name and Company
  • You have a list of Social Network Site profiles with only the contact name and company name, but don’t have their business email addresses
  • Your CRM data is old and you know that many contacts in your database have moved to different companies. You want to update your CRM database with the correct email addresses for all such leads
LeadResearcher’s ‘Find E-mail’ will help you to automatically find the business email address for all leads that have only contact name and company name. Just import your list that has only the names of the contact and company into LeadResearcher and click the ‘Find E-mail’ button.

LeadResearcher intelligently scans business and social networks, job boards, list portals, blogs and other deep-web sources in real-time to get you the missing business email address. It leverages real time, targeted information to instantly find the business email address that you need to reach your leads.

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