Use ListGrabber to capture lead lists and prospect lists from free lead sources on the Internet.

The Internet has many sources of free leads that you can use to market your product/ service. The ListGrabber is a powerful sales lead capture tool that allows you to build your own lead list / prospect list from various publicly available sources of free leads on the Internet. You can use this lead generation software to capture contact lists from Online Directories (like yellow pages directories, super pages, white pages directories), association websites, membership directories, MLS Listings, etc. and enter them into an Excel spreadsheet or any database. Find potential customers for your product or service by marketing to this list, and expand your business.

This sales and marketing software enables you to
  • Capture name, company mailing address, email, phone and fax number, etc of likely prospects or business contacts
  • Automatically transfer the captured contacts into an Excel spreadsheet or any other database, and thereby
  • Build a quality database on your own

ListGrabber can also capture contact information found in email signatures, spreadsheets and documents. It then transfers these details instantly to respective contact fields in your database. Use our sales and marketing software to import any prospect list into your address book or contact manager (ACT!, Outlook, Excel, GoldMine, etc.)

We offer free installation and support for this software during the trial period. Our support specialists can help you identify the lead source that best suits your business and show how to build a quality lead database in just 10 minutes. Call 408-516-4566 or email now.

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      How ListGrabber helps you to
 > Build Business Mailing lists / Address lists from online directories
 > Grab Prospects' Email lists for eMail Marketing Campaigns
 > Extract your cold-calling lists from online directories
 > Export yellow pages business directories to excel

Business Lead Generation

Sales and marketing professionals use ListGrabber to speed up business lead generation. If you are looking for a quick and easy way to capture names, company mailing addresses, phone numbers and other contact details from websites then ListGrabber is the tool for you. Build your prospecting database with a single click. Download a free trial of ListGrabber today and see how it can help your business in sales lead generation.

Direct Marketing / Tele-Marketing Campaigns

ListGrabber helps you produce highly effective direct marketing and tele-marketing campaigns. You can build company mailing address lists and cold calling lists with a single click.

"It's like a video game and I'm addicted!. I couldn't stop getting more and more contacts!. I push one button and it grabs the entire contacts and files it - one to unlimited. Everything - address, name, email, phone numbers, etc. I'm not super savvy but it took about 30 seconds to download and another 2 minutes to figure it out. It excites me to instantly rolodex the contacts and saves me a ton of time. ListGrabber is a pretty cool tool and what I like is that I can see me using it over and over - pretty much daily, making it worth it. A must-have lead generation tool for everyone in the sales and marketing industry, especially Real Estate!"

Christina Inman Christina Inman,
Real Estate Industry Specialist,
Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer
The Agent Center & The Homeowner Center

lead generation software
Grab 50 Contacts
buy web data extractor

ListGrabber enables you to

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New User Interface - Simple and Easy to use

One Click Transfer - Open the page to capture and click on ListGrabber to transfer contacts to any Contact Manager

Accurate - ListGrabber is the most accurate product of its kind in the market

Direct Transfer - Directly transfer data to Contact Managers like ACT!, GoldMine, Outlook and more...

Capture Leads faster - Extract 1000's of contacts in seconds without typing

Features and Benefits

Multiple Addresses Capture - Capture email Signatures and List of Contacts

Detect Duplicate Contacts - Check and eliminate duplicate contacts

Extract Emails - Ability to extract email addresses from anywhere

Automatic Updates - Keeps your software current with the latest drivers

Hotkey Feature - Capture contacts easily using the shortcut key

lead generation software
Grab 50 Contacts
buy web data extractor

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eGrabber is not affiliated with any providers of online directories or lists. ListGrabber is designed to import contact data that is visible on the screen and copy able to a clipboard. All eGrabber tools should be used only where it is legal to do so. Terms of use

If contact information in your list is split on two different WebPages or parts of it are hidden behind hyperlinks, eGrabber can develop a customized macro. Email to or Call
1-408-516-4566 for more information.

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