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Built for Sales-Reps who do their own research on prospects and accounts.

B2B Social Network Prospecting Tool

eGrabber Account-Researcher is a research expediting tool. It speeds up prospect research 10X faster.

Account-Researcher helps Sales Reps to
  1. Find Email ID & Phone# of any prospect in any company.
    • Just enter Name / Company to Find Email
  2. Find Decision Makers in any company of any size.
    • Just enter Company / Title to Find Decision Makers
  3. Get talking points from news, blogs, press releases and other sources.


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Features and Highlights:
Grab Social Profile & Append email / Phone
Account-Researcher enables you to capture contacts from any social profiles, newsletters, blogs or any other social footprints on the Internet.
Grab contacts in Webpage / Outlook
Account-Researcher enables you to select multiple contacts from Management page, Exhibitors list, and Outlook which can be researched individually.
Research Medium / Small Companies
Many medium and small companies do not have a website and if you are looking for a qualifying research profile, Account-Researcher enables you to get the company info based on employee size, revenue, industry sector, and job openings.
Find Decision makers at All Levels
Given any company, Account-Researcher can find any decision maker, of any level:

- Works for C-Level / VP / President/ Manager / Supervisor any title you specify
- Searches company website / company news / LinkedIn profiles / internet / your connections / other deep web sources for possible matches
- Provides closest match, if level specified is not available
- Researches for the latest possible data available on Internet
Conversation starters to build Rapport
Account-Researcher points you to places on the Internet where you can get in-depth information about your prospect - from social sites, to press releases, videos, slide shares, financials, trends and more. You'll arm yourself with enough intel to instantly build rapport, the moment your prospect picks up the call.
Show e-mail conversations
Want to know what the last email conversation was with a particular company? Account-Researcher points you to your Outlook emails which were addressed to that company, or to that particular prospect.
Mail-Merge : personalize your emails
If you have a standard set of emails you send out to your prospects, Account-Researcher has made it easier to add a personal touch to these emails. With a click, Account-Researcher inserts your prospect's name, company and other contact information into the template you setup.
Export unlimited contacts/month
You can process and export unlimited contacts to ACT! or many popular programs such as PCRecruiter (PCR), Excel Spreadsheets, and Outlook. Account-Researcher supports CSV format for automatic export of contacts into other CRMís.
Send Direct Messages
You can send personalized direct messages to your prospects on social networks using AccountResearcher Direct Message Version.
Other key features in Account-Researcher:
Find Name - If all you have is a Title and Company and you need the Name of the person at that title, Account-Researcher can find that for you.
Find Title - Got a prospect who left a Name behind, but no designation? Find out if itís a decision maker with the Find Title button of Account-Researcher.
Reverse Email Lookup - Got a business email id but donít know whose it is? Is it a prospect? Is it a Hot Lead? Account-Researcherís Reverse Email button will fill up all other fields of the person.
Reverse website Lookup - Account-Researcher helps you to find the contact information about a company. With just the Website URL as input, Account-Researcher intelligently searches the Internet and displays the company name, address, city, state, zip, country and phone number related to the domain.
Technology under the hood
eGrabber Account-Researcher has a patented email finding and contact research technology under the hood. It's the industry's best and most accurate, with a 97% hit-rate of finding a prospectís email if it is anywhere on the Internet. For prospects whose emails are not found, Account-Researcher projects Email-Id by building a statistical model of email patterns of the prospectís colleagues
What's My ROI?
Searching for data to qualify companies, identifying decision makers, finding contact information, and identifying talking points can take around 30 mins, atleast. Account-Researcher can gather all this data in less than 5 mins. For the time it saves, it is many times worth the price.
Account-Researcher Comparision Matrix
  Features Pro Version Direct Message Version
Grab Contacts & Profiles
Append Email, Phone, LinkedIn Id
Append Decision Maker in any company
Add missing Job Title, Name, Postal Address
Append Company Revenue, Industry etc.
Send Direct Messages through Social Networks X
Pricing $895 / year $1195 / year

Who should purchase this product?

  • Purchase if you understand that not everyone has an internet foot print and understand the software canít provide you data that doesnít exist in the open Internet.
  • Purchase if you understand we donít have a compiled database internally, all data we find will be researched in real time on hundreds of publicly available sources at the time you request it.
  • Purchase if you are okay with not finding email of people whose email exist somewhere on the open Internet.
  • Purchase if you understand eGrabber software projects email ID of people we canít find on the internet by projecting their email based on the dominant email pattern used by their colleagues. This is bound to be right at best 2 out of 3 times. So there will be errors.
  • Purchase if your expectation of the software is to be many times faster in research than you could do manually Ė and not because you think it will be more accurate than an expert researcher.
  • Purchase if you are okay with this statement => This a statistical tool Ė it is guaranteed to save you research time. We expect it to find 90%+ of the contact information if available on the Internet. Statistically speaking email-finder gets emails of 40%-50% of the prospects Ė however the number of emails found is many time what the user can by spending the whole day researching. This tool is not for people who have expectation of getting email ids of more than 40% of the prospects.
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