eGrabber Overview :

eGrabber is a leader in solutions to build custom B2B prospecting lists in-house.

We make tools that enable users to build b2b prospecting lists faster & more accurately than SDR Experts do.

Our tools are faster & more accurate because we automated 50+ List Building work-flows commonly performed by SDR Experts, by developing proprietary parsing & web-research algorithms and integrating best-in-class technologies.

The lists we build are uniquely high-converting to each customer because we leverage intelligence from customer’s in-house databases (past relationships - prospects, customers, users), their professional networks & web sources to build lists.

Quick History :

  •  Started 1996 in San Jose (CA-USA); developing B2B Lead Generation tools; First product was AddressGrabber
  •  We have been innovating processes to simplify Internet leadgen research for 20+ years. We invented the industry’s most accurate Internet research technology to capture, append & update B2B prospect lists; Received several US patents
  •  Our tools are used by small teams for new business development; purchased by 100,000+ Startups & SMBs

List Building Work-flows users can do with eGrabber include :

  •  Grab web pages & intelligently extract contact details
  •  Find missing contact fields (email/phone/ LinkedIn ID /...);
  •  Reverse lookup
  •  Verify email-IDs
  •  Append company demographics
  •  Find decision-makers for company lists
  •  Find who changed jobs in CRM/excel lists
  •  Shortlist job postings
  •  Shortlist sign-ups & other lists
  •  Find referral prospects leveraging past prospects, users, customers, relationships, network
  •  More...

Our brands include LeadGrabber, Management-Finder, Job-Change Finder, JobGrabber, eMail-Prospector, ResumeGrabber, Hiring-Prospector, AddressGrabber, ListGrabber, DupChecker

For more information, visit eGrabber Website or Contact Sales at (408)-516-4566 / For Demos at 1-866-299-7314.

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