How to capture contact in a click – free contact capture software

The fastest way to enter contact details in One Click!

AddressGrabber Basic is a free tool captures contact information from e-mail signatures, websites, documents, into MS Outlook, Jigsaw, Palm, Shipwire, Plaxo with a Click!
What is AddressGrabber Basic?

AddressGrabber enables you to automatically grab names and addresses from an email, web page or word document into Jigsaw in one click. This data entry tool saves 80% of your data entry time.

Why AddressGrabber Basic?

Manual data entry is not only tiring and time consuming but also prone to data entry errors and duplication. AddressGrabber Basic is your One-Click solution to all your data entry problems. This tool is power packed with intelligent text identifier and de-duplication engine. This quick, accurate and easy to use tool eliminates data entry hassles and enables you to focus on more important tasks, thus boosting your productivity.

How does AddressGrabber Basic work?

AddressGrabber Basic is very easy to use and involves only two steps.

  1. Highlight the contact details.
  2. Click "Grab" button on AddressGrabber Basic toolbar.

The details are transferred automatically into your Jigsaw address book.

What is the cost of AddressGrabber Basic?

AddressGrabber Basic is absolutely free of cost.

100,000+ companies purchased eGrabber software in our 20+ years in business