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The Best B2B Prospecting Tool to find your Ideal Customers on LinkedIn with verified business email & phone. Use this B2B Prospecting Tool to set sales appointments with top B2B prospects & increase ROI.

LeadGrabber Pro is the world’s Best B2B prospecting tool that helps you to find B2B prospects that match your ideal customer profile. The B2B prospecting tool is used by B2B Marketing and Sales teams to build email marketing lists, cold calling lists, B2B email lists of prospective clients from professional networking sites & build prospecting lists online. Here is what it does:

Find your ideal B2B Prospects:

Online Directories, Professional & Social networking sites such as LinkedIn are rich sources of high-quality B2B prospects that match your ideal customer profile.

LeadGrabber Pro is a B2B prospecting tool that helps you to find your ideal B2B prospects and extract business contact information from these websites in a single click. It grabs the name, job title, email address, company, phone, etc. and stores it in a spreadsheet format.

Finds direct business email and company phone

LeadGrabber appends missing business email addresses and company phone# of your ideal B2B prospects. The B2B prospecting tool enables you to quickly build B2B email lists of potential prospects and start your outreach campaigns immediately!

The B2B prospecting tool finds corporate email-IDs of all your ideal B2B prospects and helps you grow your email list in no time. It automatically verifies email addresses to come up with a spam-safe index.

Set Sales Appointments with Ideal Customers

Setting sales appointments is no more a hassle with LeadGrabber Pro. The B2B prospecting tool helps you to find hard-to-find B2B sales prospects (the right prospects with the authority to buy), reach them with a compelling message and set sales appointments with ease. It enables you to improve sales conversions and increase sales revenue.

Increase Sales Conversion Rates by 5x

In addition to verified business email addresses of your prospects, LeadGrabber Pro also helps you to get your prospects’ coworker emails. Using coworker emails, you can reach multiple contacts in the same company, increase engagement rates and increase your chance of sales conversions by 5x. The B2B prospecting tool helps you to get hundreds of coworker emails & company emails for free.

Get New B2B prospects invisible to list buyers

Live social media search filters enable you to find recently promoted & hired decision makers, not available through list builders whose lists are 6+months old. The B2B prospecting tool helps sales reps to quickly build prospecting lists and acquire new clients.

Exports to CRM / ATS

LeadGrabber directly transfers B2B prospect lists to, PCRecruiter (PCR), ACT!, Excel and Outlook. The B2B prospecting tool also supports CSV format for automatic export of contacts to Bullhorn, Lotus Organizer, Jigsaw etc...

Get 50 B2B Contacts for Free!

What our customers say

Tallin Johnson

John Trumbull

Fractional Sales Manager, salesQB  - 5/5 TrustRadius

I have been using LeadGrabber Pro for two years, and I just renewed for a third year. Walk-away functionality: just click on the "Grab" button, and a list is automatically built for you.

Jon Langford

Jon Langford

Senior Director of Sales, Pierpoint International  - 5/5 TrustRadius

LeadGrabber Pro allows us to source thousands of new qualified prospects each week. It's more cost-effective than purchasing lists and the quality is much more accurate.

Paul Doran

Paul Doran

Managing Director, Paul Doran Sales Consultancy Ltd  - 5/5 TrustRadius

LeadGrabber Pro very very good. It enables me to supply my customers accurately and cost-effectively.

Ashley Delfonso

Ashley Delfonso

Social Media Specialist, viLogics - 4/5 G2 Crowd

Great Product... allows me to tell my sales team to change directions each day or week depending on what we have going on in the office.

The Best B2B Prospecting Tool to build targeted Prospecting Lists every day!

Who uses LeadGrabber Pro?
  • Sales & Marketing Professionals use this B2B prospecting tool to build new / fresh B2B prospect lists for email marketing & outreach campaigns
  • Recruitment professionals who are looking to acquire new clients/business – from websites and job listings like Monster, Simply hired etc...
  • Sales reps who like to reach decision makers of the company with ease
  • Anyone who can't buy a B2B prospect list from any list vendor
  • Anyone who needs a B2B prospecting tool to speed up B2B prospecting by 5x-10x

#1 B2B Prospecting Tool to build prospecting lists in minutes!Call 866-299-7314-or-


For one-person
sales teams 

for 35,000 leads
Only 10¢ per lead
Add batches of 3,000 leads
for only $495
Training: Only $200 for 2 hours

Access to all functionality will stop when license expires.
Must renew license to continue access.

For small
sales teams Most Popular!

for 60,000 leads
Only 9¢ per lead
Add batches of 3,000 leads
for only $495
Training: Only $200 for 2 hours

Access to all functionality will stop when license expires.
Must renew license to continue access.

For medium-sized
sales teams  

for 100K Leads
Only 8.5¢ per lead
Add batches of 3,000 leads
for only $495
Training: FREE

Access to all functionality will stop when license expires.
Must renew license to continue access.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Our technology architecture results in lower operating costs. LeadGrabber Pro runs on your personal computer, and NOT on our servers. We don’t have to undergo maintaining a huge web-server infrastructure, like other competitors, to support you. Our solution uses your personal computer and your internet resources to do the research – saving us costs that we pass on to you.

2. We have lower R&D overhead, resulting in cost savings to customers. By having a large part of R&D done offshore, our costs are small fraction of what other companies incur. Our high ROI Sales tools have enabled 100,000+ US Companies over the past 20+ years to be more productive. We have already amortized our cost of R&D over many years.

3. We have lower marketing costs, resulting in lower cost overhead. We don’t tend to have priced marketing executives flying to expensive tradeshows to seek visibility. We don’t have to recover those expenses by charging our customers. This strategy has enabled us to deliver lower priced high quality solutions, helping us organically to accumulate 100K+ companies as paid customers.

4. We have lower sales costs, resulting in lower prices. We don’t seek Enterprise Customers; Our typical customer has a 1 to 10 sales team; is an entrepreneur, owner or department manager who is very ROI focused in cash allocation. They can determine within hours our products are accurate, provide great ROI, within their budget – resulting in pretty short purchase cycle. They see we provide solid features, without all the marketing fluff that doesn’t help them sell more.

Short answer

eGrabber finds 99% of the emails that are findable on the web & is 10x faster than human researcher (50+ leads per hour). Your success rate depends on web presence of your prospect & company. See more details below

Detailed Answer

eGrabber researches deep web and finds email-ID faster & better than human experts.

eGrabber tool finds 99% of the emails that expert researchers find & is 10x faster than a human researcher. researches 50+ leads per hour Unlike most human researchers, it will go back ping the company’s email server to verify if the found email is still valid. Sometimes a LinkedIn profile might say a person is working in a company, but in reality they are gone & company disconnected their email. This method catches that.

If the tool can’t find a valid email-ID of the prospect on the web, it looks at email patterns of co-workers in the same company and makes an intelligent guesses at possible email-IDs. It then pings the company email server & determines the best email-ID based on ping status

We provide email verify status of every email-ID we give you

If you use only #1 rated emails from eGrabber, the deliverability will be 96%+

If you use #2 rated emails, then deliverability will be around 75% - because in such emails, the company’s email server refuse to acknowledge existence or not existence of such an email.

We hold the only US Patent that was awarded for finding B2B email-IDs with name & company. Here is the link to our patents

Accuracy varies depending on your use case

There is a huge variance in found email depending on the industry and type of people you are targeting– in all cases we find 99% of findable b2b email-IDs

If you look for john smith, plumber who may not be on internet and who may not even have a b2b email id, the find probability is low

If you look for B2B execs in marketing, then the find rate is guaranteed to be high

To find out what the accuracy rate for your industry and title is, we suggest using our free 50 contact trial.

Get yourself 50 contacts that represent your ideal sample & do a live test.

That is the best way for you to know what type of accuracy you can expect.
Here are things unique to building lists with LeadGrabber

You Get Spam-Safe work email-IDs
Tool finds corporate email IDs of all prospects and does an instant email Verify & history check of spam complaints by the company, to come up with a spam-safe index. The index enables cold emailers to optimize not being blacklisted by ISPs or not labelled as spammer. ISP’s get suspicious of marketers who have high bounce rate, so it is always best to use spam-safe emails.

Cold email accounts sending to personal accounts like gmail get easily blacklisted, because google knows you are delivering same email to multiple gmail accounts. You are better off sending cold email to work email IDs.

You Get Prospects invisible to other list buyers
Live LeadGrabber integration with LinkedIn & Social media search filters enables you to find decision makers that were recently promoted or hired. These prospects will not available in lists sold by list builders because they usually tend to update lists only once in 6 months or year. These new hires and decision makers are the most likely to change their current strategy and try new vendors like you. Having visibility to them before your competitors gives you a huge advantage to close more deals

You Get 2 best email-Ids for prospects
C-levels & Decision makers tend to have several email-IDs perhaps one for close distribution & another for PR & outside. LeadGrabber has an option for you let tool research if there is a high probability 2nd best email-ID. This gives you two ways to get to the prospect. (This feature is targeted for June 2018)

Cost Only 9 cents a lead
$5,495 Annual License includes 60,000 leads with full verification status – includes training & phone support. No List Buyer provides targeted lists for such prices. We have been in the business for 20+ years and we have the deepest technology & volumes to provide such pricing.

We do Smart deep web Search – not just Google

  • We do "deep web Search" for each prospect's web foot print – competitors "just Google"
  • We accept company name as input – competitors need you to provide a web or email domain
  • We find email domains from company – competitors assume email domain is same as website
  • Our patented technology gets you 30% more accurate emails Email Finder US Patent # 8,495,151

We do evidence based Projection – Not wild guesses

  • For projecting an email, we search for co-worker emails & use knowledge - competitors just guess
  • When projecting an email, we provide you all emails we used for projecting for free – since our competitors just guess, they can’t do that

You will get Lower bounce rate

  • We run all email-IDs thru eMail Verification Servers & flag all invalid emails - competitors just do a database lookup that is several months old

We provide conversation starters for each found prospect

  • We show where on web we found email of prospects. It is typically a press release, slide share, funding info, blog story, white paper, news etc….This is always an interesting conversation starter

We do more for you on LinkedIn

  • We have option to avoid duplicates - from previous days or weeks!
  • We provide Auto Splitter to break down LinkedIn searches running into thousands
  • We provide LinkedIn IDs of all your prospects – for future talking points
  • We generate a LinkedIn Profile Viewed Footprint – makes you familiar to prospect

Use our tool to build leads from any website, CSV or excel

Our tool just needs Company Name - Others require website or email domain

Our patented technology gets you 30% more accurate emails Email Finder US Patent # 8,495,151

eGrabber does not store or transmit any customer data on its own servers.

All the Customer Data will be, at all times, be stored exclusively on Customer’s Machine where the licensed software has been installed.

Note: "Customer Data" means all electronic data and information, or any derivatives thereof, uploaded, submitted or otherwise transmitted to or through the Licensed Software, including Customer Materials. Customer Data shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of Customer.

Yes, we do have an option. Please call us on +1-866-299-7314, we’ll help you to use our software on your MAC.

How LeadGrabber Pro finds eMail-Addresses better than anyone else!

b2b prospecting tool Comparison
  • We do Smart deep web Search – Not just Google like competition does
  • We scan for actual co-worker emails for Projection – Not wild guesses like competition does
  • You get Lower bounce because we test 100% email-IDs – competition doesn’t
  • You get web link evidence to where prospect info was found – competition doesn’t provide
  • We do more automation – competition can’t, they are just a browser plugin
  • Uses all email-finding techniques known to experts
  • Has email patterns for hundreds of thousands of companies - large, medium, small, companies in all growing industrial sectors
  • Researches & Refreshes data from the Internet
  • Uses Advanced Statistical modeling techniques to project email of people who just joined or do not have an Internet presence
  • eGrabber's email address finding system is patented (US Patent # 8495151 B2)

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