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Fastest Way to Build B2B Prospecting Lists

Sales and Marketing team

Sales and Business Dev Teams

LeadGrabber Pro builds prospect lists from professional networks and various other sources. It identifies decision makers, streamlining outreach efforts & increasing efficiency.


Email Marketing Teams

LeadGrabber Pro ensures accurate contact info by finding verified business email addresses & phone numbers resulting in enhanced targeting & reduced bounce rates.

Lead Generation Companies

Lead Generation Companies

LeadGrabber Pro offers multiple ways to find B2B prospects. It provides coworker & company emails, streamlining lead sourcing & increasing client satisfaction.

Build New Prospect Lists Effortlessly & Prospect like a Pro
LeadGrabber Pro LeadGrabber Pro

Build New Prospect Lists Effortlessly & Prospect like a Pro

LeadGrabber Pro helps streamline B2B prospecting by building high-converting prospecting lists from diverse sources like Online Directories and Professional & Social networking sites. Our intelligent B2B prospecting tool ensures that you only receive fresh leads, skipping those already in your CRM. Say goodbye to manual data entry and hello to a more efficient lead-building process!

Bypass Gate Keepers & Get Direct Access to C-Suite Executives
LeadGrabber Pro LeadGrabber Pro

Bypass Gate Keepers & Get Direct Access to C-Suite Executives

Traditional B2B prospecting can be a time-consuming maze. This B2B prospecting tool empowers you to build targeted CXO lists directly from professional networking groups. Simply click a button, and the software curates a list of high-value prospects complete with their work email addresses. Streamline your B2B prospecting efforts and connect with the decision makers who matter most.

Unleash the Power of Virtual Events & Build Qualified Leads Lists Instantly
LeadGrabber Pro LeadGrabber Pro

Unleash the Power of Virtual Events & Build Qualified Leads Lists Instantly

Virtual events on professional networking sites offers a concentrated pool of highly targeted leads. But how do you connect with them after the event? This B2B prospecting tool removes the roadblock. Effortlessly export event attendees list to Excel, complete with their verified business email addresses and phone numbers. Don't let valuable connections slip away - turn virtual event interactions into real sales opportunities.

Leverage Social Interactions & Build High-Probability Lead Lists
LeadGrabber Pro LeadGrabber Pro

Leverage Social Interactions & Build High-Probability Lead Lists

Stop chasing prospects with lukewarm interest. LeadGrabber Pro helps you to build high-probability lead lists - Lists of followers of your or your competitor's company page on professional & social networks and social media interactions. The B2B prospecting tool also helps you to build a list of prospects & customers who have changed jobs recently with their updated business email address & phone. Focus your outreach efforts on the most receptive leads and watch your sales pipeline flourish.

Forget Cold Calls Unlock C-Suite Access Via Coworkers
LeadGrabber Pro LeadGrabber Pro

Forget Cold Calls & Unlock C-Suite Access via Coworkers

Reaching high-level decision makers can feel like breaking through a brick wall. LeadGrabber Pro cuts through the chase. Gain access to a network of hundreds of coworker and company emails within your target accounts, all at no additional cost. This B2B prospecting tool empowers you to reach multiple contacts within the same company, bypassing gatekeepers and significantly increasing your engagement rates.

Automate B2B Prospecting & Focus on Closing More Deals
LeadGrabber Pro LeadGrabber Pro

Automate B2B Prospecting & Focus on Closing More Deals

Say goodbye to the tedious grind of building lead lists. This B2B prospecting tool automates the entire process, freeing you to focus on closing deals. Simply configure your targeting preferences once, and watch as fresh, qualified leads are delivered directly to your inbox every day. LeadGrabber Pro automates list building, email appending, duplicate removal, and more.

Master Reverse LinkedIn Lookup

Master Reverse LinkedIn ID Lookup & Unlock Hidden Prospect Data in no Time

Forget scouring LinkedIn profiles one by one. LeadGrabber Pro empowers you to unlock a treasure trove of hidden prospect details. Simply paste or import a list of LinkedIn IDs, and with a single click, build a comprehensive prospect list. Gain valuable insights like name, company, job title, email address, industry, and even location info. Streamline your prospecting efforts and build stronger connections with complete prospect profiles.

Leverage AI-Driven Real-Time Search & Find Verified CXO Email & Phone

Leverage AI-Driven Real-Time Search & Find Verified CXO Email & Phone

Cut through the chase and connect with the C-Suite! LeadGrabber Pro utilizes AI-driven real-time research to find missing business emails and phone numbers for key decision makers at your target companies. This B2B prospecting tool ensures verified data through automation, eliminating wasted time and protecting your sender reputation. Focus on building valuable relationships with CXOs, the powerbrokers who drive B2B sales success.

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LeadGrabberPro Pricing

For small sales teams


60,000 Credits

$ 5,495 Annually

Top features:

  • Add batches of 3,000 credits for only $495
  • Dedicated Support
  • Free Updates

For medium-sized sales teams

100,000 Credits

$ 8,495 Annually

Top features:

  • Add batches of 3,000 credits for only $495
  • Dedicated Support
  • Free Updates

LeadGrabber Pro Benefits


Find your ideal customers efficiently & cost-effectively in 50+ ways.


Build High-Impact Lists from online directories & networking sites.


Automate B2B List Building & focus on more strategic aspects of your sales process.


Find missing emails & phones with AI-driven real-time Searches


Transfer prospect lists directly to Salesforce.com, PCRecruiter (PCR), Act!, Excel, and Outlook.

LeadGrabber Pro Benefits

Frequently asked questions

1. Our technology architecture results in lower operating costs. LeadGrabber Pro is a lead prospecting tool that runs on your personal computer, and NOT on our servers. We don't have to undergo maintaining a huge web-server infrastructure, like other competitors, to support you. Our B2B prospecting software uses your personal computer and your internet resources to do the research - saving us costs that we pass on to you.

2. We have lower R&D overhead, resulting in cost savings to customers. By having a large part of R&D done offshore, our costs are small fraction of what other companies incur. Our high-ROI B2B prospecting tools have enabled 100,000+ US Companies over the past 20+ years to be more productive. We have already amortized our cost of R&D over many years.

3. We have lower marketing costs, resulting in lower cost overhead. We don't tend to have priced marketing executives flying to expensive tradeshows to seek visibility. We don't have to recover those expenses by charging our customers. This strategy has enabled us to deliver lower-priced, high-quality lead prospecting tools, helping us organically to accumulate 100K+ companies as paid customers.

4. We have lower sales costs, resulting in lower prices. We don't seek Enterprise Customers; Our typical customer has a 1 to 10 sales team; is an entrepreneur, owner or department manager who is very ROI focused in cash allocation. They can determine within hours that our B2B prospecting tools are accurate, provide great ROI, within their budget - resulting in pretty short purchase cycle. They see we provide solid features, without all the marketing fluff that doesn't help them sell more.

Here are a few things that are unique to building lists with LeadGrabber

You Get Spam-Safe work email-IDs
The B2B Prospecting Tool finds corporate email IDs of all prospects and does an instant email Verify & history check of spam complaints by the company, to come up with a spam-safe index. The index enables cold emailers to optimize not being blacklisted by ISPs or not labeled as spammer. ISPs get suspicious of marketers who have high bounce rates, so it is always best to use spam-safe emails.

Cold email accounts sending prospect emails to personal accounts like Gmail get easily blacklisted, because Google knows you are delivering same email to multiple Gmail accounts. You are better off sending cold email to work email IDs.

You Get Prospects invisible to other list buyers
Live LeadGrabber integration with LinkedIn & Social media search filters enables you to find decision makers that were recently promoted or hired. These prospects will not be available in lists sold by list builders because they usually tend to update lists only once in 6 months or year. These new hires and decision makers are the most likely to change their current strategy and try new vendors like you. Having visibility to them before your competitors gives you a huge advantage to close more deals.

You Get 2 best email-Ids for prospects
C-level executives & Decision makers tend to have several email-IDs perhaps one for close distribution & another for PR & outside. LeadGrabber is a lead prospecting software that offers you an option for you to let the tool research if there is a high probability 2nd best email-ID. This gives you two ways to get to the prospect.

Cost only 9 cents a lead
$5,495 Annual License includes 60,000 leads with full verification status - includes training & phone support. No List Buyer provides targeted lists for such prices. We have been in the business for 20+ years and we have the deepest technology & volumes to provide such pricing.

We do Smart deep-web Search - not just Google

  • We do "deep web Search" for each prospect's web foot print - competitors "just Google"
  • We accept company name as input - competitors need you to provide a web or email domain
  • We find email domains from company - competitors assume email domain is same as website
  • Our patented technology gets you 30% more accurate emails Email Finder US Patent # 8,495,151

We do evidence based Projection - Not wild guesses

  • For projecting an email, we search for co-worker emails & use knowledge - competitors just guess
  • When projecting an email, we provide you all emails we used for projecting for free - since our competitors just guess, they can't do that.

You will get Lower bounce rate

  • We run all email-IDs thru eMail Verification Servers & flag all invalid emails - competitors just do a database lookup that is several months old

We provide conversation starters for each found prospect

  • We show where on web we found email of prospects. It is typically a press release, slide share, funding info, blog story, white paper, news etc….This is always an interesting conversation starter

We do more for you on LinkedIn

  • We have option to avoid duplicates - from previous days or weeks!
  • We provide Auto Splitter to break down LinkedIn searches running into thousands
  • We provide LinkedIn IDs of all your prospects - for future talking points
  • We generate a LinkedIn Profile Viewed Footprint - makes you familiar to prospect

Use our B2B prospecting tool to build leads from any website, CSV or excel

Our B2B prospecting tool just needs Company Name - Others require website or email domain.

Our patented technology gets you 30% more accurate prospect emails Email Finder US Patent # 8,495,151

Short answer

LeadGrabber finds 99% of the prospect emails that are findable on the web & is 10x faster than human researcher (50+ leads per hour). Your success rate depends on web presence of your prospect & company. See more details below

Detailed Answer

eGrabber does deep-web searches and finds prospect email-IDs faster & better than human experts.

The B2B prospecting software finds 99% of the prospect emails that expert researchers find & is 10x faster than a human researcher; researches 50+ leads per hour. Unlike most human researchers, it will go back and ping the company's email server to verify if the found email is still valid. Sometimes a LinkedIn profile might say a person is working in a company, but in reality, they are gone & company disconnected their email. This method catches that.

If the B2B prospecting tool can't find a valid email-ID of the prospect on the web, it looks at email patterns of co-workers in the same company and makes intelligent guesses at possible email-IDs. It then pings the company email server & determines the best email addresses based on ping status

We provide email verify status of every email-ID we give you

If you use only #1 rated emails from eGrabber, the email deliverability will be 96%+

If you use #2 rated emails, then email deliverability will be around 75% - because in such emails, the company's email server refuses to acknowledge existence or not existence of such an email.

We hold the only US Patent that was awarded for finding B2B email-IDs with name & company.

Accuracy varies depending on your use case

There is a huge variance in found email depending on the industry and type of people you are targeting-in all cases we find 99% of findable B2B email-IDs.

If you look for john smith, plumber who may not be on the Internet and who may not even have a B2B email id, the find probability is low.

If you look for B2B executives in marketing, then the find rate is guaranteed to be high.

To find out what the accuracy rate for your industry and title is, we suggest you to try our B2B prospecting tool and get 150 leads for free.

Get yourself 150 contacts that represent your ideal sample & do a live test.

That is the best way for you to know what type of accuracy you can expect.

eGrabber does not store or transmit any customer data on its own servers.

All the Customer Data will be, at all times, stored exclusively on customer's machine where the licensed software is installed.

Note: "Customer Data" means all electronic data and information, or any derivatives thereof, uploaded, submitted or otherwise transmitted to or through the Licensed Software, including Customer Materials. Customer Data shall be and remain the sole and exclusive property of Customer.

Yes, we do have an option. Please call us on +1-866-299-7314, we'll help you to use our software on your MAC.

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