The Fastest Way to Build Prospect Lists From Job Boards


Are your best new Clients in JobBoards?

Companies which are hiring have a need RIGHT NOW. They need:

  • Hiring, Staffing or Headhunting services
  • Possibly willing to hire outsourced experts, like lawyers, CFOs, engineers etc., to handle immediate needs
  • Trainers
  • New equipment, new software,...
  • Consultants to help onboard or grow a new team, department or practice

But Job Boards are not built for new client prospecting. That’s where we come in.

Job Boards are built for candidates. They are not built for you.

  1. You are missing critical pieces of information to find your best client leads
    1. Missing company size
    2. Missing industry
  2. There are many job postings from the same company
  3. There are duplicates and re-postings of the same jobs
  4. You don’t know which of these are your existing clients

Manually building this list takes too long. Outsourcing this list building does not work out - because by the time the list comes back, its already a few days, and the opportunity is gone.

JobGrabber Builds an Instant List of New Companies from Job Boards

JobGrabber does fast analysis of hundreds of job postings in seconds and gives you a new company list.

Here’s how it works :

  1. You do a search on a Job Board that brings up potential client companies
  2. Start JobGrabber Chrome Plugin
  3. JobGrabber builds a fresh and instant list of new client companies in seconds

You can download your new company Leads in Excel format immediately.

JobGrabber does a LOT of grunt work for you in seconds

  • JobGrabber auto-flips multiple pages of job postings and reads all the companies that are advertising. You can use JobGrabber across different JobBoards
  • JobGrabber removes duplicate company records between pages and between job boards
  • Adds employees size, and industry from an instant background Internet research process
  • Identifies staffing companies and separates them into another list
  • Flags your existing clients if they are hiring right now
  • Removes companies in your exclude list
  • Tags the companies together in a LinkedIn search so you instantly know who you are connected to in those companies on LinkedIn
  • Does additional deep research to find decision makers who match your ideal customer profile - adds their names, job titles, email address, phone to a spreadsheet

JobGrabber CL$249 / mo (three month minimum)

$1,995(only $166 / mo)
  • Job Posting Analysis Engine
  • Lead list in LinkedIn of CXO/VP
    in Companies Hiring
  • Excel List of Companies Hiring
    (who you know too)
To add append Leads laterNeed to get Append Tool for $500 + Add appends @ $495 for 3,000 leads

JobGrabber Pro - 12K12,000 Leads - Only Annual

$3,495(includes JobGrabber CL)
  • Job Posting Analysis Engine
  • Lead list in LinkedIn of
    CXO/VP in Companies Hiring
  • Excel List of Companies Hiring
    (who you know too)
  • Ability to generate Email Lead List
    with Email & Phone
Includes tool to append 12,000 Email / Phone Can add @ $495 for 3,000 Leads

Why buy from eGrabber?

  • Unparalleled Leads Research Expertise

    eGrabber R&D team & company was founded 1996, in San Jose (Silicon Valley, USA) and is a US Corporation. We have 25+ R&D Engineers located in USA and India.

    We have been in the business of B2B leads research for 20+ years and have developed unique contact research domain expertise.

    We have been building top-notch, automated internet research tools which use expert-systems logic and deep learning algorithms. (See all our US Patents).

  • Our proprietary 7 Step JobGrabber Research Process

    Our 7 Step JobGrabber Research Process
  • Several US Patents for eGrabber's web & lead research techniques

    The whole research process is Human-Driven and Software-Assisted - with one complementing the strengths of the other.

    1. US Patent # 7,822,732 - Issued Oct 26, 2010
      Method and system to enable searching for lead & contact information on the web.

    2. US Patent # 8,495,151 - Issued Jul 23, 2013
      Methods and systems for determining Business email addresses with name & company.

    3. See All eGrabber Patents
      Patents granted to eGrabber by United States Patent And Trademark Office (USPTO).

  • Prompt Phone & Email Support

    Email: [email protected]

    Call: (408) 516-4566

  • Always Reliable!

    We are 70+ employee company head-quartered at San Jose, CA, USA and located in India too. We have been in the business of leads research for more than 20+ years. We have a big support & training team available thru phone and email. We are available in PST/EST/IST business hours. Contact Us.

Frequently Asked Questions?

What is the difference between JobGrabber CL and JobGrabber Pro?

JobGrabber CL builds company lists from JobBoards. You get a new company list that you can target. JobGrabber Pro takes that company list and gives you a contact list - it adds decision maker names, titles and contact information.

How does the monthly pricing work?

You get the JobGrabber monthly by purchasing a 3-month pre-filled pack. Thereafter, you can pay on a 1 month.

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